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How To install Google Play on Huawei and HarmonyOS using OurPlay

install Google Play on Huawei and HarmonyOS

The US veto on Huawei does not prevent the Chinese brand from using Android on their mobiles, but it does prohibit them from using Google Services, which are what give life to Android. Huawei has continued to release powerful Android smartphones with very cool features, but without Google Play and Google services, they seem to be missing something. That is why people are now fleeing from Huawei phones.

In order not to generate that feeling of being using an incomplete Android, Huawei decided to disassociate itself from this operating system and created its own: HarmonyOS. However, HarmonyOS uses Android as its base, so we are left in the same situation. If you have a Huawei with HarmonyOS, you will continue to miss all the benefits of an Android phone with Google Play.

Luckily, we have found a method that will allow you to install Google Play on HarmonyOS. Join us to see how it’s done …

How to install Google Play on a Huawei mobile with HarmonyOS

The tool that will make it possible to install Google Play on HarmonyOS is called OurPlay, which is a kind of mod from the official Google store. Let’s see the steps to follow …

Download OurPlay and install it on your mobile with HarmonyOS

Download OurPlay

Installing the Google Play mod for HarmonyOS is really very simple. You just have to follow these steps:

  • Click the following link to download the OurPlay APK from FoneTech.
    • You will have to scroll down until you find the option OurPlay (Google Play App) and press it.
  • Once downloaded, press the APK and allow the browser to install apps.
  • Then, click on Install.
  • And ready.

Configure the OurPlay app to use it as Google Play

Before continuing, we must warn you that while this method is safe, we do not know for sure who is behind OurPlay. So use this app at your own risk and with a secondary Google account. That said, now let’s configure the app to be able to use it:

  • Open the OurPlay app.
    • Everything will be in Chinese, but here we will guide you step by step so you don’t get lost.
  • Touch the green button that you will see in a floating window.
  • Swipe the screen to the left until you see a button, which you must press.
  • Again, press the green button.
  • Then select Allow only while in use.
  • Tap Allow two more times.
  • Now, you will have to press the next seven green buttons (or green letters) that will appear.
  • The next thing will be to wait until the bar you see on the screen is filled (a necessary add-on of the app is being installed).
  • Once the installation is complete, you will see a new window where you must check the box “Do not ask me again” and then click on Allow.
  • Click on Install and then on Open.
    • And wait until another installation finishes.
  • Now, you will see two Google Play icons. Select the one from the store and press the green button.
  • Wait again for another installation. When finished, you will have to log in with your Google account (do not use your main account for security reasons).
  • Accept all the permissions that they request.
  • You will return to the beginning screen, but this time you can press the Google Play icon to access the real store and download all the apps and games you want.

At this point, HarmonyOS can install applications and games that do not appear in AppGallery Huawei thanks to OurPlay.

Using Google Play on HarmonyOS will be easier next time

All the configuration we did before is only necessary the first time. Then, to use Google Play on your Huawei with HarmonyOS you will only have to do the following:

  • Open OurPlay.
  • Tap the Google Play icon.
  • Search and download all the apps and games you want.

Obviously, with this method, the apps will not work in the best possible way, much less the notifications. And is that what OurPlay does is a kind of emulation of Google services. But at least it’s a quick and easy way to test the Play Store and its apps on HarmonyOS.

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