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How to Mute Your Huawei Smartphone Camera When Taking Pictures

How to Mute Your Huawei Smartphone Camera When Taking Pictures

One of the most common actions we take with a Huawei phone is taking pictures. The brand was crowned as one of the most notables in this field thanks to phones like the P30 Pro. When we take a photograph, it is normal for the camera to make noise when shooting.

Want to take a picture without the camera making noise?

This noise is something that some users find irritating and wish there would be no noise because there are times when there should be no noise. Fortunately, Huawei phones allow you to silence the camera shutter at any time.

Mute the Huawei camera shutter

Many brands on Android OS have some function with which the camera shutter changes, this is also the case with Huawei phones. This function will allow that when the user takes a picture with the smartphone’s camera application, no noise is emitted. In this way, the user can take photos silently all the time. The steps we must follow if we want to silence the camera application shutter on Huawei phones are as follows:

  1. Open the camera application on your phone
  2. Go to Settings (click on the equipment icon)
  3. Look for the mute option
  4. Enable this option to silence the shutter
  5. Exit settings

With these steps, we silenced the camera shutter on our Huawei phone.

On most branded phones, these are the steps to be followed, although the order or location of these option changes may vary depending on the model or operating system version these devices use. On other phones where this option is not available, the user can always resort to the classic trick of silencing the phone, which is another way to make the camera shutter noise when taking a photo.

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