How to download an APK from AppGallery on your computer

APK from AppGallery on your computer

We bring you a trick with which to download APK files of any application from AppGallery, Huawei’s application store. For this, you will not need to have a Huawei device or have configured any account, just your browser and follow the step-by-step tutorial that you will find below.

The time needed:  1 minute.

How to download an APK file from our computer with AppGallery.

  1. We open AppGallery in our browser.

    We access the AppGallery website from our computer or phone. « Https:// «

  2. We look for the app we want to download.

    Using the search engine or searching within the different categories of apps we can find the one we want to download.

  3. We copy your ID.

    Once the application whose APK we want to download is found, we must obtain its ID. We can do this by opening the application file and copying the final part of the address from the URL.
    For example, for the WhatsRemoved + app, the link would be “” and its ID “C102366917”.

  4. We create the download link.

    In a new window of our browser, we write “” and then we write the ID that we have obtained in the previous step.
    For example, for the WhatsRemoved + app, the link would be “”.

  5. We look for direction.

    Once we have formed the address, we only have to click on search to open that web page. When we do this, our browser will ask us where we want to save the APK file.

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