How To Fix Huawei Restricted Settings – Guide

Fix Huawei Restricted Settings

In this article, we will provide you with comprehensive information on Huawei settings with Restricted and how to resolve them. With our expertise, we have written a top-notch article after thoroughly researching the topic.

Huawei restricted settings: what is the problem?

As you have probably noticed, if you try to use the Huawei Health program on your Android device, the following error message appears when you go to the app permissions to grant the necessary permissions for its correct use:

“Restricted settings. For your safety, this setting is currently unavailable.”

In practice, this does not allow you to grant Huawei Health the necessary permissions to access notifications and, consequently, function correctly.

Why does this error appear?

As you know, Huawei has been banned from the USA and has been banned from using American software and hardware for a few years now. As a result, Huawei can’t even use Google services for its smartphones or applications.

This translates into the impossibility for the company to use the Play Store to distribute its programs, such as Huawei Health, which users must manually download and install in APK format on their Android smartphones or tablets.

Being an APK file that comes from unknown sources, the Huawei Health program is recognized as malicious by Android (especially Android 13, which has much tighter controls) and for this reason the system limits its automatic functioning possibilities.


To “protect” the user, therefore, Android blocks the correct functioning of Huawei Health by default , showing the generic error message we saw previously in response.

Too bad that in reality Huawei Health is not malicious at all and, above all, in this way Android and Google do nothing but unnecessarily complicate life for those who simply want to download, install and use Huawei Health on their Android device.

Fortunately, the solution to the problem is simple, fast and painless. A few steps are enough to get around the problem and go back to using the app on Android without any error messages.

So, if you too have encountered problems with Huawei Health and are trying to solve them, I’ll explain how to do it in a few simple steps below.

Huawei restricted settings: how to FIX

To fix this, follow these steps and go to:

  • Settings > Apps > Huawei Health > More (in the right corner) > Allow restricted setting > Allow
  • Then go back to Huawei Health > Message notifications and enable the Huawei Health app

Done. From now on the Huawei Health Settings Limited problem will be fixed forever.



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