How To Pass 'Meets Device And Basic Integrity'

If you’ve rooted your device using Magisk to unlock administrative privileges and explore customization options, you’ve likely encountered the hurdle of SafetyNet triggering issues. SafetyNet, once tripped, restricts access to essential services like banking, payments, and popular apps such as Uber and McDonald’s.

This guide focuses on navigating two specific SafetyNet tests: “Meets Device Integrity” and “Meets Basic Integrity” using the Play Integrity Fix module.

Following these steps, you can ensure seamless functionality for the mentioned apps after successfully passing the SafetyNet Test through our complete guide.

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Why tackle these specific tests? Beyond the broader SafetyNet clearance, “Meets Device Integrity” and “Meets Basic Integrity” are crucial. Successfully passing these tests is essential for maintaining device and system integrity.

Let’s dive into the steps to conquer these tests and overcome the challenges associated with rooting.

What is Play Integrity?

Play Integrity is a pivotal API utilized by numerous applications to assess a device’s compatibility and security status. As of the current date, many apps still rely on SafetyTest for these evaluations. However, there is a significant shift in the app landscape, with many transitioning towards Play Integrity. Notably, Google has set January 2025 as the deadline for this migration.

As this transition occurs, it could work to your advantage if apps have not adopted Play Integrity by the specified deadline. In such a scenario, your rooted device would not undergo scrutiny by these apps, allowing you to use banking apps without restrictions. Essentially, you stand to benefit from the delay in adopting Play Integrity by specific applications.

Play Integrity vs SafetyTest: What’s the difference?

The foundational elements of both Play Integrity and SafetyNet are similar, with the key distinction in the simplicity of responses in the former.

However, the primary differences emerge in the tests conducted and, more crucially, the results obtained. In the realm of SafetyNet tests, the focus is on Basic Integrity and CTS Profile Match, with your device required to pass both of these assessments.

Meets Device And Basic Integrity

On the flip side, the scenario changes. In Play Integrity, three tests are conducted: MEETS_DEVICE_INTEGRITY, MEETS_BASIC_INTEGRITY, and MEETS_STRONG_INTEGRITY.

However, your device must only pass the MEETS_DEVICE_INTEGRITY and MEETS_BASIC_INTEGRITY tests. The question then arises: why is MEETS_STRONG_INTEGRITY not a requirement?


Achieving success in the MEETS_STRONG_INTEGRITY test is contingent on having a locked bootloader, a condition impossible on a rooted device. Due to the inherent nature of embedded devices, which prohibits the locking of bootloaders, this particular test will consistently fail.

However, it’s crucial to note that this failure doesn’t hinder your ability to use banking and payment apps on rooted devices. These applications only necessitate passing the “Meets Device Integrity” and “Meets Basic Integrity” tests, which remain unaffected by the outcome of the MEETS_STRONG_INTEGRITY test.

How to Pass ‘Meets Device and Basic Integrity’ Tests

Now, let’s delve into the crucial steps of this guide—enabling your rooted device to pass the “Meets Device Integrity” and “Meets Basic Integrity” tests. However, before proceeding, it’s highly advisable to safeguard your data by taking a comprehensive backup of your device.

Please be aware that AMS and its members bear no responsibility in the event of unforeseen circumstances, be it a thermonuclear war, your alarm failing to wake you up, or any mishap to your device or data resulting from the following steps.

  • Launch the Magisk app and navigate to the top right, where the Settings icon is located. Once there, toggle on the switch next to Zygisk.

switch next to Zygisk

  • From GitHub, you can now download Play Integrity Fix’s latest version.

  • After that, flash the module via Magisk and restart your device.

flash the module via Magisk

  • Next, delete the data associated with Google Services Framework, Play Store, Play Service, and Play Protect Service (if applicable).

delete the data associated with Google Services Framework

  • The final step is to delete the data from your chosen banking/payment app.

delete the data from your chosen banking/payment app

Congratulations! Your rooted device should now successfully pass both the “Meets Device Integrity” and “Meets Basic Integrity” tests. You can verify this by following the steps outlined below.

You’ve flashed a “Zygisk module designed to fix ‘ctsProfileMatch’ of SafetyNet and ‘MEETS_DEVICE_INTEGRITY’ of Play Integrity.” Notable credits for this module go to XDA Senior Member Chiteroman.

Checking if my device passes the Play Integrity Test

Two methods are available to verify whether your device passes the Play Integrity Test—via the Play Store and a third-party app. Let’s familiarize you with both approaches:

Via Play Store

To check your device’s Play Integrity status through the Play Store:

  1. Launch the Play Store.
  2. Tap on your profile at the top right.
  3. Navigate to Settings > About.
  4. Tap on the Play Store version eight times. This action will activate Developer Options.
  5. Head to Settings > General > Developer options.
  6. Tap on “Check integrity.”

Via Play Store

This process will provide the information needed to assess your device’s Play Integrity status.

Using Third-Party Apps

Alternatively, you can use third-party apps like Play Integrity API Checker, designed explicitly for checking Play Integrity, or TB Checker, which further detect traces of rooted apps on your device.

Using Third-Party Apps


As previously noted, your device will consistently fail the MEETS_STRONG_INTEGRITY check as long as the bootloader remains unlocked. However, this should be fine, as you can still use banking apps seamlessly.

If, for any specific reason, you aim to pass this test, your only recourse is to remove all modules, unroot your device, and subsequently relock the bootloader. Remember that this course of action is only necessary if passing the MEETS_STRONG_INTEGRITY test becomes a priority.


My Device is Passing SafetyNet, but I Cannot Use Banking Apps.

Even if your device successfully passes SafetyNet, an inability to use a banking or payment app may arise if the app has transitioned to Play Integrity, abandoning the SafetyNet test. In such cases, passing the Play Integrity test becomes essential to restore your access to the app.

Passing SafetyNet

That concludes the steps for passing the “Meets Device Integrity” and “Meets Basic Integrity” tests on your rooted device using the Play Integrity Fix module. If you have any questions or concerns about the provided steps, feel free to leave a comment. We are here to assist you and will respond with a solution as soon as possible.

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