3 Ways To Factory Reset Google WiFi

Google Wi-Fi is a great innovation, but it’s frustrating when the system doesn’t work as it should. Don’t worry if you’re having trouble with your Google Wi-Fi; there are simple ways to solve it.

Resetting Google WiFi can be a real game-changer, particularly when it comes to quickly resolving performance issues. This guide will show you how to reset the device—and through its companion app for your smartphone as well!

Factory Reset Google WiFi

If you have continuing network problems, lost settings, or want to give a fresh start to your Google WiFi device, the first thing that should be done is a factory reset.

You can eliminate flaws, malfunctions, and outdated customizations by restoring Google WiFi to its original state. Read on to find out how!

Why Should You Factory Reset Google WiFi?

There are numerous good reasons to completely reset Google WiFi. Here’s why:

  • You’ve tried other methods to solve your WiFi problems and have not been successful.
  • If you’re having trouble with your WiFi connection or synchronization.
  • Plan on giving or selling the device.
  • You want to breathe new life into the device.
  • Replacing the product.

How to Reset Google WiFi [Quick Way]

It is simple to fix Google WiFi by resetting the device. To ensure that you have a smooth experience when using this wireless system, follow these steps:

  • To ensure the success of this procedure, keep your device connected to its power cord throughout.
  • On the back of your device, you will see a white circle with an image inside it. This is the factory reset button.

How to Reset Google WiFi

  • Hold down the button until the indicator light begins to flash orange, then turns blue.

IMPORTANT: When the light turns blue, release the factory reset button.

The reset procedure usually takes about 8 to 10 minutes, and you will know it is finished when the dark blue light begins flashing.

How to Factory Reset Google WiFi with Older Firmware Version

If you are having trouble using the previous method, try this one: if your router’s firmware version is older than 2.3.1 (the most recent release), follow these steps to perform a factory reset:

Step 1: Turn off your device and disconnect it from its power source.

Step 2: Locate the reset button on the back or bottom of your device.

Step 3: Reconnect the power cord and then press the button for at least five seconds.

Step 4: Press the button for about 10 seconds until the light blinks blue and then let go.

Step 5: The blinking blue light will stay on for around 45 seconds before turning solid.

Step 6: After the ten-minute reset process is complete, your computer should be back to its normal state.

Step 7: A solid blue light means that the gadget has been reset; a flashing blue indicates that it is ready for setup.

How to Reset Google WiFi Using The Google Home App

The Google WiFi app has been replaced with the Google Home app. If you haven’t already, install/open the Google Home app and follow these steps to reset your network settings:

  • To set up your Home, start by clicking the WiFi symbol in the Google Home app.
  • To reset your network settings, look for Settings and then tap Factory Reset Network.
  • Once you’ve confirmed the action, wait patiently for a few minutes while your Google WiFi restarts and reconnects to your home network.

Remember to save and make note of your settings before you begin the reset, so that it can be completed more smoothly.

Post-Reset Steps

Now that you’ve reset Google WiFi, here are a few steps to get it back in working order:

Step 1: Turn the device off, wait at least 30 seconds and then turn it on again.

Step 2:  Turn on your WiFi, and then re-establish the connection by adding any additional access points.

Step 3: To restore your customized settings, synchronize your Google account.

Step 4:  Restore your device to the state it was in before you reset it by using your backed-up settings.


Perform a Google Wi-Fi factory reset. This reset can repair network difficulties and provide a fresh start to your configuration—You may safely perform the reset procedure and maximize the performance of your Google WiFi by carefully following the specified steps and advice provided in this article.

Remember that a factory reset should be done with all relevant information in hand, to ensure a smooth reconfiguration process.

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