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How to Connect Google Pixel Buds To Windows PC Easily

How to Connect Google Pixel Buds To Windows PC Easily

If you own Google Pixel Buds and a Windows PC, there will be occasions when you’d like to use your Pixel Buds with your PC, whether for watching movies, listening to music, playing games, or other tasks. Pixel Buds, one of the top true wireless earbuds, offer a compelling reason to use them with a PC.

To enjoy your Pixel Buds with your PC, you’ll need to pair them first. The pairing process is straightforward, and once completed, the Pixel Buds will automatically connect when you take them out of their case, assuming they were last connected to your PC.

In the era where the 3.5mm headphone jack has been phased out from smartphones, many users have transitioned to Bluetooth headsets for comfort and convenience. However, pairing can be time-consuming compared to a wired headset with a direct 3.5mm connection.

This guide aims to simplify the process, making it easier for you to connect your Pixel Buds to your Windows PC. Let’s dive into the steps.

How to Connect Pixel Buds to Windows PC

As mentioned earlier, connecting Pixel Buds to your PC is straightforward. Before we proceed with the steps, ensure that your PC is turned on and your Pixel Buds are adequately charged. The pairing process is consistent across most Pixel Buds models.

Step 1: Open the lid of your Pixel Buds case, ensuring the buds are inside.

Step 2: Press the button at the back for 3 seconds. The LED on the case will begin blinking, indicating that the buds are now in pairing mode.

Connect Pixel Buds to Windows PC

Step 3: Open the Settings menu on your PC and navigate to the Bluetooth & devices tab. Confirm that Bluetooth is enabled. You can also locate this option by using the search function in Settings.

Bluetooth & Devices

Step 4: On this page, click the “+” icon and choose Bluetooth.

Step 5: The system will search for available Bluetooth devices, including your Pixel Buds. From the list, select Pixel Buds.

Step 6: After selecting Pixel Buds, they will connect to your PC automatically.

That’s the pairing and connecting your Pixel Buds to your Windows PC. I’ve addressed some frequently asked questions for those with additional queries below.


In the tapestry of questions, a melody of answers unfolds as we waltz through the Pixel Buds’ enchanting realm.

[su_spoiler title=”Q: Must I court my Smartphone anew?” style=”fancy”]

Fear not, for the dance with your Smartphone requires a single click, a rekindling of connection in the hallowed halls of Bluetooth settings.


[su_spoiler title=”Q: Can Pixel Buds serenade a Mac?” style=”fancy”]
Aye, the Pixel Buds are not bound by allegiance. To woo a Mac, let them enter the dance of pairing mode, then, in the Mac’s realm of System Preferences, beckon the connection with a click.


[su_spoiler title=”Q: How to discern if Pixel Buds beckon in Pairing Mode?” style=”fancy”]
When the back button is pressed in the open embrace of the case, the LED light pirouettes in hues of soft yellow. A ballet of light, a signal that Pixel Buds yearn for connection.


[su_spoiler title=”Q: Why hide in the shadows of the Bluetooth list?” style=”fancy”]
The Bluetooth list may elude Pixel Buds if they dwell beyond the realms of pairing or if they are already entwined with eight devices. If echoes of past connections linger, sever them from saved devices and try anew.


[su_spoiler title=”Q: Can Pixel Buds dance between PC and Phone?” style=”fancy”]
A dance so simple, a switch between worlds. On the stage of Bluetooth Devices, tap Pixel Buds on your PC, severing the ties with your Smartphone, a seamless transition between devices.

In this poetic tapestry, may your Pixel Buds’ journey be harmonious, and may the symphony of connectivity serenade your every quest. Should the need arise for more wisdom, the comments await your musings. Revel, dear readers, in the grandeur of Pixel Buds’ embrace.



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