How to save music files to your Galaxy Watch

save music files to your Galaxy Watch

Owning a smartwatch comes with a number of conveniences. The possibility, for example, of going for a run and not being isolated from the world even without having a smartphone constantly in hand, is no small matter.

Among the most useful activities in the context of devices such as the Galaxy Watch, is listening to music.

There are some apps like Spotify and YouTube Music that allow users to download playlists that can then be enjoyed offline on a PC or smartphone, but Samsung also goes a step further by allowing users to save their music files on Galaxy Watch models.

It is a very useful feature for owners of this device, especially if they prefer to play their music files without necessarily having to connect to the network.

Luckily, Samsung makes it easy enough to move music files from a smartphone to its top Wear OS watches so you can take advantage of the 16GB of storage and play your favorite tunes to your heart’s content.

The best part of what we are going to show you is that you don’t have to have the latest model of Galaxy Watch to be able to manage music files. In fact, this feature is adopted by older models, such as the Galaxy Watch Active 2.

Galaxy Watch Active 2.

How to transfer music files to your Galaxy Watch

Here is the simple procedure you need to do:

  • open the Galaxy Wearable app on your smartphone and tap Watch settings ;
  • scroll down and tap Manage Content ;
  • tap Add Tracks ;
  • locate the songplaylist, or album you want to add and touch to select it;
  • tap Add to watch in the upper left corner;
  • wait for the app to finish adding the song;
  • after tracks are added, you may get a notification on your device that your files are ready;
  • tap Open to view the songs in the music app (similarly, you can open the music app on your watch to check that the songs have been transferred).

You can now access your files right from your smartwatch without relying on an internet connection or subscription. You can also select the Auto Sync option if there is a playlist you want to keep up to date. From there, you can select the playlist you want to update, and it will sync every 6 hours with any new tracks you add.

Of course, if you prefer to use specific streaming apps, YouTube and Spotify have updated their apps for better support with Wear OS 3.

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