Libero doesn't work

Libero doesn’t work, and for a few days now, many Italian users have been experiencing great discomfort related to their mailboxes. Indeed, since January 23, the famous email provider has been experiencing various problems that prevent users from accessing their messages

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Since email is an extremely widespread tool for communication, especially in the professional field, nowadays such a disservice can create strong inconveniences and give rise to a real stoppage of work, both corporate and private, and create enormous problems for users from many points of view. Indeed, it is the first time in history that a malfunction occurs that lasts for several days .

 In the past few days, there have been protests from Italian users, who have been expressing their dissent on social networks for days, clamoring for the problem to be resolved as soon as possible.

 In addition to Libero, Virgilio Mail and other providers of the ItaliaOnline company are also experiencing the same problem, with a disservice that has been lasting for more than 48 hours. Let’s see what specifically happened and how to fix it.

Libero doesn't work: what happens and how to fix it

Libero doesn’t work: what happened?

After three days, Libero is still not working. Let’s try to take stock of the situation on what has happened in the last few days. The problem began to occur on the night of Monday 23 January, when the first users began to notice that they were no longer able to access their e-mail boxes

Of course, a small, brief outage can happen, and it has happened many times before. After a few hours of malfunction, the official social pages of Libero and Virgilio confirmed the problem, reassuring users and stating that they are working to resolve it as quickly as possible.

 In the statement, it also appeared that the cause of the malfunction had been identified and that it was a question of having to wait a few hours to be able to access the provider’s mailboxes again.

 However, after 36 hours of malfunction, ItaliaOnline has released a press release to apologize to the users, declaring that it is working to solve a problem that, however, goes beyond the system developed by the company. 

Diego Rizzi himself, the company’s Chief Technology Officer, reassured Libero registered users by declaring that the disservice was not due to a hacker attack. Although this is certainly excellent news, after three days the problem still persists and it is still not clear when users will be able to go back to consulting their mailbox without encountering problems. 

Libero does not work: what does this malfunction mean?

Although nowadays Libero and Virgilio are not among the most used e-mail providers, it is estimated that more than nine million Italian users use them, both for private use and for professional reasons. This means that for more than three days, millions of people have not been able to check their emails

This situation is decidedly serious since nowadays the e-mail box is essential for accessing an infinite number of services, such as home banking, SPID, and much more. 

Not to mention that many people await important medical results or work emails, which for now are decidedly impossible to access. The same goes for receiving prescriptions and medical reservations, which nowadays are made via email. 

As far as working life is concerned, those who use Libero and Virgilio are currently cut off from all the most important corporate communications. To make the problem even more serious, the communication from many users claims that all emails sent to Libero and Virgilio accounts in the last 48 hours go back directly to the sender without ever reaching the recipient. 

What to do if Libero doesn’t work?

Libero doesn't work

Libero doesn’t work and probably won’t work for some time to come. What can we do then to solve the problem? Unfortunately, users have no way to resolve the outage and access their e-mail inboxes.

However, what you can do is decide to turn to a more reliable provider. For example, Gmail is one of the most used email providers in the world. Being a service offered by Google, starting to use Gmail can be a great idea, especially if you have an Android phone.

The provider is one of the most loved ever and reserves a long series of services for its user’s tricks to save time and make the experience as stress-free as possible.

Nowadays, those who use their smartphone as their primary method of accessing their messages also have plenty of alternatives to Gmail at their disposal. Among these, OutlookProton, and many others certainly stand out.

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