How To Remove Duplicate Contacts on Android or iPhone

Duplicate Contacts on Android or iPhone

You have realized that you have saved many and now you want to know how to remove duplicate contacts on your Android phone or iPhone.

In this article, you will find a solution. Your phone is full of contacts, and by pure chance one day you noticed that you also have a double copy. Don’t worry, you no longer have to manually remove duplicate contacts on your Android phone or iPhone.

There are many reasons why contacts on your phone can be duplicated, almost always due to actions we take without realizing it. Having duplicate contacts is a situation that affects many users, including myself

Either because you don’t have time to clean it or because it’s a really boring thing to do, the truth is that it represents a disadvantage for those who own a smartphone.

In this tutorial, we give you some tips to prevent contacts from invading your phone. But first, we teach you how to remove duplicate contacts on Android or iPhone.

How to remove duplicate contacts on your Android phone or iPhone

If the damage has already been done and it is necessary to eliminate all those double contacts stored on the mobile phone, no problem. With this application, cleaning is fast and super simple.

The almost magical program we are talking about is ” Cleaner – Merge duplicate contactsAnd it works to remove duplicate contacts on Android or iPhone in the same way.

So, let’s see step by step how to remove duplicate contacts on your Android phone or iPhone, here we show you the steps:

  • First, we must have installed the application “Remove duplicate contacts”.
  • While the app is running, it will immediately begin analyzing our agenda to determine which contacts are duplicated.
  • It will list the results and allow us to select the names we want to keep.
  • Click on “Delete” and confirm with “Yes”.
  • And ready, our contact list will be free of duplicates.

In the end,  the application will generate a .vcf file, in which the deleted contacts will be present.

With this file, we will be able to recover the contacts that we have just deleted, this is an insurance in case you accidentally delete the contacts.

Does it work on all devices?

As you can see, cleaning your contact list is quite simple thanks to the apps for removing duplicate contacts, but surely you are wondering if you can do it on your mobile phone. Yes, you can.

This application does not specify any version that limits its operation. Although some users have said that Android version 2.3 and above is required.

In addition, it does not only work on mobile phones, but it can also be installed to clean contacts even on a tablet.

Another recurring question is whether you ask the computer for root access. No,  it is not necessary to root.

Keep your schedule clean

The recommendation is to avoid duplication of contacts as far as possible.

In other words, you should always try to save your contacts in the same place. If you decide to save them directly on the phone, in your Gmail calendar, or on the SIM card, it doesn’t matter. You just have to be consistent and remember to always use the same position.

Update the contact when someone changes their number. We know that when a friend changes the number it is easier to save the new one, instead of updating it.

It was easy to remove duplicate contacts on your Android phone or iPhone.

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