Useful Tips For Microsoft Outlook on Android

In 2014, Microsoft acquired the popular A complete mobile email application. To strengthen its position in the market of email applications, Microsoft rebranded the program, releasing on its basis Outlook for iOS and Android.

Over the years, the company has improved the application and integrated it with other Microsoft products. So to figure out how to more productively use one of the most popular mobile email clients will be useful.

Useful Tips For Microsoft Outlook on Android

Outlook on Android has many useful and useful features.

Focus on Inbox feature

Outlook comes with a pretty useful option that automatically organizes the most relevant emails based on the sender. The application notifies you only of important emails and messages from users with whom you often correspond. These messages are placed in the Focus folder and its contents can be flexibly configured to your liking.

Change your signature for outgoing emails

This is perhaps the most obvious feature, which, however, is often neglected by many users. Outlook allows you to change the default signature.

Go to the “Settings” – “Signature” menu and set a signature for each account. At the same time, you can add some useful information to the signature. For example, a telephone number or an alternative emergency email address.

Use a dark theme

Outlook for Android recently received support for the dark theme so beloved by many. It not only looks stylish and fresh but also saves battery power on devices with AMOLED displays.

To enable a dark theme, go to “Settings” and find here the item “Enable dark theme.” As easy as pie! Do you use a dark theme on your smartphone? Share your experience in our chat in Telegram.

Outlook Integration with Other Services

Microsoft loves shopping. In addition to the program on the basis of which the mobile version of Outlook was created, the Redmond team also acquired the popular Sunrise calendar application and most of its functions are now integrated into the Outlook calendar. The service may seem simple at first glance, but it is full of surprises.

There is a fully functional calendar for two weeks, a weather forecast, comprehensive information about planned events, and extremely functional widget for your smartphone’s desktop, and so on.

And to synchronize with other products (for example, Google Calendar), go to the “Settings” – “Calendar” section and select the “Integration of third-party applications” option.

Use Microsoft products to work with Outlook

One of the most interesting features in the Microsoft ecosystem is the integration, which you can enjoy in all the applications and services of the company on any device. For example, you can start writing a message in Microsoft Word, and then literally throw it in a couple of tapes in Outlook.

Or, having opened the presentation in the body of the Outlook letter, you have the opportunity to transfer it to PowerPoint, quickly edit it there, and return it to the letter.

Well, there’s no need to talk about synchronization with desktop versions. All changes made in the mobile versions of the programs will be displayed in their “big brothers”. It is the same as vice versa.

Download: Microsoft Outlook

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