NextDNS is a free program to block and hide all advertisements on iPhone, iPad, and iOS. Download and install NextDNS to block iPhone ads

In today’s guide, we are going to see how to block all advertisements on websites, apps, and games on iOS using a completely free program called NextDNS.

Are you tired of all the advertisements and banners that pop up while browsing the internet with your smartphone or tablet? Are you fed up with all those advertising ads that pop up every time you browse some internet site, perhaps those of streaming movies and TV series?

If so, I have a solution for you! NextDNS will help you get rid of all those annoying advertisements that pop up automatically as you browse the internet and that only make browsing complicated, uncomfortable, and frustrating.

And the great thing about NextDNS is that it not only works in the Safari internet browser but also in all those apps and programs where advertising usually appears, including the one that cannot be skipped and that maybe lasts 15 or 30 seconds.

In short, NextDNS is the definitive program you must have if you are looking for an AdBlocker for iPhone, iPad, and iPod.

But let’s not get lost in chat, let’s immediately find out what it is, how it works, and how NextDNS is configured.

What is NextDNS for?

As anticipated, it is a free app that acts as an AdBlocker, which is a program that blocks and hides all advertisements and banners from various internet sites.

Do you know all the advertising windows that appear on websites while you browse? Or all the popups that pop up when you use apps, games, and programs on the iPhone?

Here, with NextDNS I could block them all in an extremely simple, easy, fast, and freeway!

How to use NextDNS?

Using the program is simple, even for less experienced users.

All you need is:

  • download NextDNS – DOWNLOAD NextDNS from the App Store Free
  • start the program
  • from the main screen, press the only button available to activate it
  • allow when it asks you for the permissions related to the VPN
  • DIRECTLY FROM THE IOS DEVICE, go to this site:
  • Click on TRY IT NOW FOR FREE


  • on the new page, copy the ID value under the ENDPOINTS entry

copy the ID value under the ENDPOINTS entry

  • return to the NextDNS app
  • Click on the 3 dots located at the bottom of the main page

NextDNS app

  • activate the USE CUSTOM CONFIGURATION item

  • in the space provided, paste the value just copied previously and confirm
  • go back to the site and click on at the top right
  • go to the PRIVACY tab
  • Click on ADD A BLOCKLIST


  • activate the services for which you want to block advertisements on iOS. I RECOMMEND activating the first one, AdGuard. However, if you want you can also activate others.

Done! At this point, you are ready to open any website, application, game, or program on your iPhone, iPod, and iPad, and there will be no more advertising.

Great, right?


Well, we’re done with this article.

What do you think of this amazing AdBlocker program for iPhone? Is not it fantastic?

Does it also work with YouTube?

I point out only one thing: NextDNS does NOT allow you to block and hide YouTube advertisements.

If you need to remove all ads from the YouTube iOS app, I recommend using an alternative program, which does pretty much the same thing and sets up the same way, called DNSCloak.

At this point the choice is yours: do you prefer to use DNSCloak or NextDNS as AdBlocker for iPhone? Let us know your opinion in the comments at the end of the article!