pair T68 Pro Smartwatch with mobile

How to pair and configure the smartwatch T68 Pro with your cell phone? Watch this tutorial and learn how to sync all watch features and functions with your smartphone.

Once paired, the T68 Pro will be able to send information about monitoring your heart rate, blood pressure, sleep and exercise performance to the app. However, to receive notifications from your favorite social networks directly on the clock screen, you’ll need to perform some quick settings.


What do I need to pair the T68 Pro with the cell phone?

In order to perfectly sync the T68 Pro with your Android smartphone, it will be necessary to activate and check some options, both on the phone and on the watch, before starting the process.

  • First, you should check that both devices have the Bluetooth function enabled. To enable on your cell phone, go to setup/configure, tap “ Bluetooth ” and activate the function key. On the watch, from the home screen drag down and tap the Bluetooth icon to activate, it should turn blue.
  • To follow the monitoring and physical activities of the T68 Pro, you must download and install the V Band app on your cell phone, it is available for free on the Play Store for Android and for iOS (iPhone/iPad) on the App Store.

How to pair a smartwatch T68 Pro with a cell phone?

Pairing the T68 Pro correctly with a smartphone is very easy to do. is divided into two steps. The first will be done directly through the phone’s Bluetooth and the other through the settings of the V Band app.

  1. Keep the watch and phone next to each other.
  2. Soon after, go to config. Bluetooth on your cell phone.
  3. Wait for the search to finish and then in the “ Available Devices ” list, tap “ T68Pro_Audio ”.
  4. In the pop-up that opens, check the “ Allow access to your contacts and call history ” checkbox and then tap “ Pair ”.
  5. After completing this step, open the V Band app, agree to the app’s contracts and policies by tapping “ Accept ” and clicking “ Allow ” for any pop-ups that open on the screen.
  6. Once that’s done, go to the bottom of the screen and tap on “ Equipment ” (clock icon).
  7. On the next screen, tap “ Add device ”, wait to find the clock.
  8. In the section where it asks you to select a device to be linked, tap “ T68Pro ”.
  9. And tap “ Confirm ” to finish syncing the clock with the app.
  10. Ready! Your T68 Pro smartwatch is paired and ready to use.

How to configure the smartwatch T68 Pro in the app?

Now that the watch and cell phone are properly connected, we’ll show you how to configure it from the app’s interface. On the “ Equipment ” screen, in addition to viewing the device status, you will be able to make the most used adjustments on your smartwatch T68 Pro. Check which ones!

Tap “ Dial Selection ” to change or customize the screen display (watch face) of the smartwatch T68 Pro. To customize the watch faces available in the app, tap “ Custom Dial ” and make the desired changes. Below, you can select an image from the mobile album or choose to take a photo to use as a display. It is also possible to change the display by accessing the clock setting.

Access the “ Sending messages ” section to authorize which apps (WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) will be able to send notifications to the watch. When entering here for the first time, you will have to tap “ Confirm ” and on the next screen, activate the switch next to the V Band application name and then tap “ Allow ”. Once that’s done, go back to the previous screen and activate the desired applications.

In the Daily Alarm and Camera Control sections, there is no need to change anything. Just log in and use the features.