How to make an animal face on Google Meet

animal on Google Meet

Video calls have managed, since the pandemic, to be present on all mobiles. Not only did they become a means of meeting telematically, but you can customize them to the point of putting on an animal face on Google Meet.

Google wants to rank its video calling app as one of the best in the industry. Adding additional features like this is essential to get more downloads. We tell you how you can do it and what you need for it.

Prerequisites for putting an animal face on Google Meet

You don’t have many requirements to meet. It looks like Meet is going to become the only video calling app, replacing Google Duo. That is why many animal filters and different styles come from that app to export them to Meet.

Of course, the filters that are added to Google Meet will only be available in the application for Android and iOS. The web version is not compatible with these filters with animal faces, so you must have the mobile app fully updated.

Also, another aspect that you should keep in mind is that, to use these animal filters, you have to log in with your personal Gmail account. Any Gmail account associated with work or an institution will not be used to use these filters during video calls.

How to put on the face of a tiger or a cat and be an animal on Google Meet

To put an animal face on a Google Meet video call, you just have to follow a few simple steps. There are a lot of options for choosing an animal filter, although you can obviously only use them when creating a meeting on Google Meet 

make an animal face on Google Meet

Then, with the call already started, you will see a small icon with three stars inside your camera window. If you click there, the image of your camera will occupy the entire screen and a lower bar will appear with all the effects and filters available to Google Meet.

There you will have an infinity of options to decorate your image in the video call: there are backgrounds to place landscapes, background blur, styles, effects, and the famous filters to put on an animal face.

To get there, slide that bar to the left until you reach “Filters,” the last section. The available animals will appear almost immediately. There are tigers, cats, dogs, birds, toads, elephants, fish, an alligator, and many other species to put on your face.

Just pressing the filter will apply it automatically, although you can select multiple effects at the same time. When you have finished customizing your image with a filter or effect, click on the “X” to close the menu and you can return to the video call screen.

To change or directly remove the applied filter, if the call becomes more serious, you have to follow the same steps as before. You press the button with the three stars, enter the effects editor, and press the first button on the bottom bar: ” no effects “.

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