new Google TV remote on your phone

Do you want to try the new Google TV remote? If your answer is “yes”, you are in the right place. Here we are going to explain in detail what you have to do to install this remote on your mobile, as well as everything you must do to connect it to your Android TV.

Requirements to be able to use the Google TV remote on Android

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Before we show you all the steps you have to carry out to install the Google TV remote on your phone, it is essential to have the following elements:

  • Smart TV with Android TV or Google TV (TV Box or TV Stick).
  • Have a mobile device (tablet or phone) with Android 5.0 or higher.
  • Has the Gboard app been installed on the Smart TV or TV Box?
  • Has the Android Remote service been updated?

In case you do not know if you have the elements that we show you above (Gboard and the updated Android Remote service), you can download these applications from the Play Store on Android TV or Google TV.

On the other hand, if you can’t find them in the Google store, you can download them in APK format from the links below:

Link | Download Android Remote Service for Android TV .

Link | Download Gboard for Android TV.

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Installing the Google TV remote on an Android mobile is that simple

If you meet the requirements that we have mentioned above, installing the Google TV remote on your terminal should not be complicated. Of course, to be able to access this command, you will have to have the Google TV application installed on your phone, an app that you can download from the following link.

  • Open the Google TV app. Once the application is open, you must click on the small command that is shown in the lower right part of the screen.
  • Grant it the permissions requested by the application.
  • Click on the Smart TV you want to connect to.
  • A code will appear on the screen of your Android TV, put that code in the Google TV app that you have open on your phone.
  • If you did all the steps correctly, you can use the Google TV remote without any inconvenience.

Assuming that you have installed all the necessary applications to be able to pair your phone with your Android TV, there could be a connection problem between your devices.

Luckily, solving this problem is very simple:

  • Verify that your Android TV is connected to the Internet.
  • Check that both your mobile and your Smart TV are connected to the same WiFi network.
  • Restart your Android TV and then your mobile device.

Once you have carried out these steps that we show you above, you will have to do the tutorial again in which we explain how to pair the Google TV app with your Android TV.

With nothing more to add about it, if you still cannot use the Google TV remote on your phone, you will have to check if a new version of Android TV is available. In case there is an update available, you will have to download and install it on your Smart TV.