Google Account means you can access multiple services that the company has today. But you should know that you can not only use one Google account at a time use several on one device Android, As a Gmail account, your messaging service.

it would be enormously every time out and go that you want to use a variety of Google and Gmail accounts. Thus, we come to the world of the G, to explain step by step how to set up multiple accounts Google or Gmail accounts on Android.

How to use 2 or more Google Accounts on Android

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As we have said, you have a Google account is required to use the services of the company Alphabet. Yeah you use one of these accounts, but want to add more on your mobile phone or tablet Android, or dedicate it only to the private sphere, or because you want to use it only on certain platforms, you can do the procedure without any problems, which we explain step by step.

1- Open the app Google.

2- Click on the icon with the image of your profile in the upper right corner.

3- You get access to a menu where you can see all open tabs. Click on to add a new Add another account.

4. You may need to enter the PIN-code device or fingerprint, to continue the process.

5- After confirming your identity, you can sign in to Google. first of all enter your e-mail or phone Google account that you want to add, and then click Next. Finally, you have to write your password account to complete the process.

Google Android

Carrying out these simple steps, you will have to customize the new Google account on your mobile phone or tablet, and you will only need to repeat the process in the future to add other accounts. In addition, on some devices, you can also set up multiple accounts Settings> Accounts> Add account> Google.

After all the accounts have been added, remember that it is important Google Set this to improve theirs. Without a doubt, you should pay particular attention to change the password for your Google Account, A process that you must complete each time, to strengthen the security of your personal data.

How to use 2 or more accounting records Gmail on Android

Before you start with this method, it should be noted that when you add a Google Account from the Google app is He also set the Gmail app. Therefore, if you add the account with which you are also using e-mail, you will not need it from the Gmail app, this is done automatically.

In any case, the process of using 2 or more Gmail accounts on Android is just as simple. Fortunately, Google does not limit your Gmail accounts, and you can use emails to Outlook, Yahoo, Hotmail, and other services at the same time. To use multiple accounts in Gmail, follow these steps:

1- Open the app Gmail on your mobile phone or tablet Android.

2- Click on the icon with the image of your profile in the upper right corner.

3.- Press Add account.

4 – Select the service account that you wish to add: Google, Outlook, Hotmail, Live, Yahoo, Exchange, Office 365, or another service.

5 – You may need to enter the PIN-code device or fingerprint, to confirm your identity if it is a Google Account.

6- Enter e-mail or phone, that you want to enter, and then click Next

7- Enter e-mail address and password confirm process* So that your account is set up in the Gmail app.


Repeating this quick process, you can add multiple accounts in Gmail on Android, an application that already has a dark theme For all users.

To change accounts when using Google services, click on the icon with the image of your profile and select the account What do you want to use? Thus, you do not have to waste time opening and out of the system every time you want to change accounts.