Remove Unused Apps From Windows 10

How to remove apps from Windows 10, the most popular operating system on PCs and notebooks. Full of features, but also of what is called bloatware.

In practice, the operating system is equipped with additional software such as, for example, games that are not used by all users of PCs with the Microsoft OS.


In this guide, we will learn some simple tricks to remove the most annoying ones, especially for Windows Home users.

Not all users are skilled Windows users, this article is dedicated to them and all those who do not waste too much time on PCs because they are busy working on it.

How to remove apps from Windows 10

There is no version of Windows that is not full of apps and programs, of these only some are used, while others are not at all.

The best thing to do is to uninstall these apps and here’s how:

  • The first thing to do is access the settings, the quickest way is with the combination of Win + I keys, then click on App.
  • On the page that opens, there is a search bar to quickly locate the app or program you want to uninstall, otherwise, you can scroll through the list in the window.
  • Now, all you need to do is click on the app you want to delete and then click on Uninstall. Repeat the same procedure for each app you want to delete.

Disable the announcements in the start menu

Microsoft calls them “suggestions”, but they are nothing but announcements. To find and disable this function, type “suggestions” in the search box, if not present, right-click or trackpad the Start button and then click Search.

Write “Occasionally show hints in Start” and open the related window where you can disable this function.

Removing tiles from the Start menu

The famous tiles introduced with Windows 10 are still present in the Start menu and these are not always used, but they can be customized, resized, and even eliminated.

The removal operation is extremely simple, click on Start, and in the tile box click with the right mouse button and select Remove from Start.

Now, your Windows PC or laptop is free of bloatware and apps that you don’t love or use.