5 Best Alternatives To Swifkey

5 Best Alternatives To Swifkey

SwiftKey is certainly one of the keyboards for Android and iOS multiple notes, but not the only one for mobile devices. There are several valid alternatives for Android smartphones, in this article, we will see five equally valid, some famous others that, perhaps, are less so.

The keyboard is one of the most important features of smartphones, it is what allows us to interact more with the device and all its functions. Despite this, the manufacturing companies have never developed the keyboards that remain good or bad the same as always, let’s think for example of the iPhone which is the same since 2007.

To give another example, I believe that the best keyboard that has ever been made on an Android smartphone is that of Samsung’s Note3 which, oddly enough, has not been implemented on any other smartphone from the South Korean company.

Keyboards for Android: 5 alternatives to Swiftkey

Swifkey is an excellent keyboard, precise and full of functions, sometimes even too many for most people. So, let’s see the alternatives that can satisfy the most disparate needs.


It needs no introduction, the Google keyboard, Gboard, is probably one of the most popular also because it is installed on many smartphones, on many others, it is available as an alternative.

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Being a Google app, it integrates with other apps and services of the Californian company such as Research, Assistant and Translate. In this case, it is also available for iPhone and also integrates Maps and YouTube.

The app supports different types of themes and styles, you can also customize it with images from your gallery, it supports gestures (elimination and control of the cursor) and also handwriting. Other features include clipboard, dictionary, floating keyboard, GIF search and much more.

Download Gboard


Fleksy is a keyboard born a few years ago and is counted among the alternatives of the most famous keyboards. It was born to provide an alternative way of typing on touch displays compared to the classic QWERTY keyboards.

Added to this is the marked tendency to keep data private to increase the privacy of the owners, as stated by the developer who claims that all data is stored locally.

I like shortcut keys, where you can add a row of shortcut keys for functions and IDs, phrases infrequently used emails.

Fleksy has developed its suite of services to help users find everything in an uncluttered layout. They call them mini-apps. There is a search button to search for news via Qwant, a search engine that respects privacy.

You can find GIFs, emojis and there is also a personalized artificial intelligence that recommends food and other apps based on your searches. Then some Vboard has categories for food, news, sports, music, and even games. Other Fleksy mini-apps include Vimodji and Vlipsy.

The app is supported by advertising and is provided with in-app purchases to unlock more features, themes, and packages.

Download Fleksy

Cheetah keyboard

The cheetah (cheetah) is known for its speed and the keyboard is no different. The Cheetah keyboard includes some unique neon-style themes and a dedicated keyboard for GIFs and animated 3D emojis. 3D effects can also be seen in action when you type on the keyboard.

Cheetah suggests up to 6 words as you type instead of the usual 3 as most keyboards do. Other features include scroll typing, gesture support, and AI prediction for quick responses.

Finally, there is a menu where you can search the web for news, games, videos, images, and GIFs via Bing, Microsoft’s search engine. You can unlock multiple themes and effects with an in-app purchase.

Cheetah keyboard


AnySoftKeyboard is a free and open-source keyboard app (FOSS) for Android smartphones. It is a useful alternative to SwiftKey for those who need something that is focused on privacy and security. At the time of installation, the app will ask you if you want to give it access to read your contacts or not.

It comes with gesture support and text prediction but lacks advanced features like third-party app integration we’ve seen in some of the keyboard apps above.

Emojis are supported, but there is no search for GIFs. It can be used as a standalone app or in combination with other apps when entering sensitive information such as passwords.

Download AnySoftKeyboard

Large Classic Keyboard

The large classic keyboard is for people who have larger hands and fingers. It can be a real problem for these people to press the correct buttons while typing. This SwiftKey alternative will allow you to increase or decrease the size of the keys from the settings.

Besides that, there are no third-party app integrations or features like notes and arrows to move the cursor, however, it does support gestures.

 Download the great classic keyboard

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