installation of Google Play services

Google Play services are the heart of any Android device with Google. In simple terms, what these services do is provide certain basic and essential functions to Android applications so that they work well on any device. 

Therefore, if Google Play services fail, some apps on your mobile or tablet will also fail. And we say “some”, because there are apps that do not take advantage of Google Play Services, but most do (like Google’s own apps).


So if you have recently noticed that an application is not working well on your Android or there is a system function that closes itself when you try to use it, it is very likely that you have a problem with Google Play services. One way to “fix” them is to install them again, but cleanly. That is, deleting them in case an update corrupted certain data and re-downloading them from Google Play. Here’s how to do this step by step.

Steps to reinstall Google Play services on Android cleanly

reinstall Google Play services

First of all, it is necessary to clarify that what we will explain here is to do a clean installation of Google Play services on a device that brought them pre-installed. Technically, we will do a reinstall. If your mobile did not bring Google Play services (it came without apps like Gmail, Google Maps, etc.)

That being said, follow these steps to perform a clean install of Google Play services on your Android:

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Go to Applications.
  • Search for the Google Play Services app (it must be the same name that we put in bold) and select it. If you can’t find it, activate the option Show all applications or Show system applications (varies depending on the device you have).
  • Touch the three dots in the upper right corner and click on Uninstall update.
  • They will then notify you that all data will be erased. Actually, only the payment methods associated with the phone, tracker app data, and backup settings will be removed. If you agree with this, click Accept.
    • If they do not let you proceed with the uninstallation, you will have to go to the device administration settings and turn off the Find my device service and the others that are hindering the process.
  • Now, look for Google Play Services in the app store (they may appear with the name of Play Services) and click on Update.
    • After the update, remember to add the payment methods that were removed and configure the backup again. And don’t worry about the Find my device service, if you deactivated it, it is activated only with the update.

Ready! In this way, you will have managed to cleanly install the latest version of Google Play services. This should solve the problem you have with some function or app on your device. If not, then try doing this again, but deleting the data from Google Play services. You could also try downloading a different version of Google Play services from APKMirror and installing it.

None of these methods work for you? Well, at least you already know that the problem is not Google Play Services, but something else.