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How To Stop Google Tracking When You Are Traveling With Android

Sometimes it is easy to be disappointed by the mishandling of user data by technology companies. At some point, it becomes a bit strange when a multimillion-dollar corporation, like Google, knows more about your whereabouts than your own partner.

Fortunately, the process of deactivating the tracking of your location on your devices is easier than you think and here we will show you how to prevent Google from following you wherever you go with your Android.

What kind of information does Google store about your location?

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The first thing you should know is that Google saves all the information about where you are going with your devices. It does so even when you are not using a specific company service, to provide you with personalized maps, recommendations based on the places you have visited and more.

Also, store all your activity on Google sites and applications, including location, to provide you with faster searches, better recommendations and more personalized experiences on Maps, Search and other Google services. In summary, Location history stores all location data that Google applications automatically record. Such as Google Maps, which stores a timeline of all the places you have visited.

On the other hand, web and application activity, register your location every time a query is entered manually in the search of Google, YouTube or other places to give you localized results. So, if you want to prevent Google from tracking you completely, we’ll show you which way to go.

How to disable tracking your location on Android devices

Maybe you can think that disabling location tracking on your Android mobile is somewhat complicated, but nothing is further from the truth. And this is what you can do just by following the following steps:

  • Enter the menu of Setting on your Android mobile.
  • Then click on the options Google.
  • Next, you must select Manage your Google account.
  • Select option Data and customization in the account panel.
  • Scroll down until you find the activity controls
  • Here you will find the options Web and application activity and Location History, which you must disable.

This is the way Google lets users know that the action is not permanent and that they can re-enable tracking at any time. In any case, this will allow you to be calmer knowing that you are not being tracked.

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