There are many occasions in which our Android starts to run a little slower than normal, it is even possible to hang up. The reason why most people usually associate this situation with the mobile having almost Free Storage on Android.The truth is that despite the other factors, this is true, but many times we don’t take the right measures, because in these cases most people begin to delete photographs, videos, and even applications, thinking that this will solve the problem.

And this measure may work a little, although we are forgetting something very important, the temporary files or the application cache. That is why in this article we will explain a little what they are and how you can remove them from your device to increase the capacity and performance of it.

What applications leave temporary files on my Android smartphone?

Temporary files They are created by the applications found on our computers when they require some extra memory, or when a backup is required to avoid losing the information of the moment.

These are usually removed when the tools are closed, returning the space back to its place. However, some leave certain residues to be used the next time and so on, until many times they saturate the device with unnecessary information.

Usually, those who leave these files on our Android are the ones that consume a lot of data from the Internet. It may well be the browser, instant messaging processors, or social networks. Attaching to this, video games that need a network connection to function.

What are the benefits of deleting data from Android’s virtual memory?

cell optimization


Always keep the mobile in an optimal state It is priceless, and one of the most common ways for this state to be maintained over time is to delete the cache and temporary files from the system.

Some of the benefits are as follows:

  • Better RAM performance. Well, the mobile will have a better performance when it comes to multitasking.
  • It will increase the response speed Of the device.
  • You will noticeably clear the storage space In case you have little left.
  • You avoid overheating the equipment, and you prevent it from hanging on you if it ever happens.
  • Higher battery performance. The reason is that with this we are closing programs that could be running in the background.
  • A higher level of security. As we know, these are also archived all malicious data with which third parties install spy codes.

Don’t worry about asking yourself if this will delete any user data or an important file, because this only deletes those that are temporary and that the app is able to recover and create when you need it, that is, every time you run.

Steps to remove virtual memory from your Android easy and fast

We will quickly see how we can eliminate them from the application management itself, and also using external tools.

We recommend you do this every so often, it could be every month or every 15 days, this is because there are many that generate more garbage than others and therefore take up more storage. Conversely, It is not advised to do it daily.

Clear browser data

This way we will avoid problems with security and navigation:

  • The first thing we will do is delete the temporary files of the browsers, for that we enter one of our preferences.
  • After this, we will click on the button “More options”, that in the case of Google Chrome this is identified with 3 vertical points located in the upper right corner.

  • Then, we will choose the option in the pop-up tab “Record”.

  • On the next screen, we must click on where it says «Clear browsing data».

  • Finally, here we choose the boxes of the «Data of sites and cookies» and of “Cached images and files”, then we will give in “Delete data”.

With this, we clean the device from the entire browser cache.

Clear app data

Fortunately, this operating system provides us with the possibility to delete the cache or temporary files of all our apps, Without the need for an external tool.

To do this we just have to follow the following steps:

  1. To do this same cleaning with each of the applications, we must enter the «Settings» of the system and then we will have to go to “Applications”.
  2. Then we will click on the second option located above in the menu, this is the one of “Application Manager”.
  3. This action will lead us to a list of all we have installed on the mobile, among these, we can choose the most used to eliminate the cache. Some that we can mention are Gmail, Google Drive, Google Chrome, Instagram, Facebook Lite, Messenger Lite, Outlook, Telegram, WhatsApp, YouTube, Samsung Internet, and others.
  4. As we have said, you must also enter social networks and video games that require an Internet connection.
  5. After choosing any we will click on the option called “Storage”.
  6. Finally, we can choose the option of «Clear cache» which is below.

It is important to mention that here we must have a lot Be careful not to delete the data, because although this does not delete the application, it can delete our account and our information, leaving it as if we had never used it.

With an external application

For this, we have the tool «CCleaner».

This same after pressing on “Analyze”, It will make a great recognition of all the files stored on the computer and will dictate which of these are unnecessary or repeated.

Among these files also enter all those that are temporary of the applications and browsers of the equipment.

When the scan is finished we must click on «Clean» or “Clean” and the process of eliminating all these will be carried out immediately.

List of the best applications to clean your Android of unnecessary files and improve its performance

Here are some of the most used and best-valued tools when cleaning our mobile junk files. All you have to do is look for them in the Google Play Store

Check out these apps that we offer you:

Clean master

Clean master

This is excellent for cleaning mobile junk files. It has an antimalware and antivirus service, in addition to what they call a cooling system with which they lower the temperature of the mobile, leaving it more optimal for use.

Phone cleaner

 Phone cleaner

This accessible app offers us a CPU accelerator and cooler, RAM cleaner, and memory optimizer that leaves the phone in a cool state and with an increase in its performance. To all this is added the ability to clean the device from junk files and clear the application cache.

Nox Cleaner

Nox Cleaner

Nox Cleaner presents us with a good variety of functions to optimize Android device operation.

Among them, we have the cleaning of repeated, junk and temporary files, a performance accelerator, as well as a temperature reducer. Finally has an Antivirus system that protects the computer from any external threat.

All these functions together make up a very complete combo for the team.

AVG Cleaner

AVG Cleaner

AVG Cleaner is very similar to the one we showed in the previous example CCleaner, and it is that for nothing these two dominate in this area of ​​cleaning mobile phones and even computers. Particularly It focuses on scanning all mobile data and then dictate which ones should be eliminated.

MAX Cleaner

Max Cleaner

This is the last application on this list, with which we can perform multiple activities to improve the performance of our Android.

It also presents us with the junk file cleaner, a RAM memory cleaner, which is very useful to speed up its processes. Likewise, it has a notification cleaner and a simple but very functional antivirus for threat protection.