How to hide photos and videos from your Xiaomi gallery

Among the large number of options that MIUI offers us, we find the possibility of hiding photos and videos of our Xiaomi. A fairly simple way to improve our privacy from prying eyes, which we will explain to you below.

MIUI has become one of the most complete customization layers in the Android landscape. And no, we not only talk about its many options and functionalities but also how complete your applications are native.

An example of this is the MIUI Gallery, which allows us not only to edit photos and videos but also hide them in a private album so that only we can access all the photos and videos stored in it.

How to hide photos and videos from your Xiaomi

hide photos and videos from your Xiaomi gallery

To hide photos and videos, the Gallery that Xiaomi integrates into its smartphones makes use of its own cloud, that is, Xiaomi Cloud. Even so, the process to take photos and videos disappear and that only you can access is quite simple:

  1. Go to the Gallery and select all those photos and/or videos that we want to hide.
  2. After that we will click on the button «Add to album» And then we choose«Private album«

In this way, the selected photographs and/or videos will be hidden in our Xiaomi. To access we will only have to go to the albums section of the gallery and drag our finger down until a padlock symbol appears next to the text «Release to open private folder«.

It should be noted that to hide photos or videos we have to enable automatic syncing with Xiaomi Cloud. If not, just when adding the elements to the private album, it will redirect us to the appropriate settings to enable it.

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