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How to activate the MIUI FPS meter on Xiaomi phones

MIUI hides an FPS counter

Although each customization layer for Android has its own, it is no secret that MIUI, Xiaomi’s, is one of the most complete. It is highly customizable and hides some very useful features, even for gamers, such as Game Turbo and the functionality that we will show you this time. Your Xiaomi smartphone allows you …

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4 MIUI 13 features that you will want to use on your Xiaomi

4 MIUI 13 features

Xiaomi is one of the world’s leading smartphone brands, and its MIUI firmware is well known for its features and customization. Recently, Xiaomi released MIUI 13 which comes with a number of new features. Here are four of them that you might have overlooked. MIUI 13 is the latest version of Xiaomi’s personalization layer. We’ve talked …

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How to Convert Any Photo to PDF with Your Xiaomi Phone

Photo to PDF with Your Xiaomi Phone

These days, technology has made it possible for people to do many things that were once impossible. One of those things is the ability to convert photos to PDFs. For Xiaomi fans, this trick is especially useful because it allows users to view their photos in PDF format without having to use a third-party …

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How to activate Xiaomi’s Game Turbo mode

activate Xiaomi's Game Turbo mode

When enabled, Game Turbo displays a menu as an icon at the bottom edge of the screen. The menu includes data regarding GPU and CPU usage, among other things. It also shows information about the use of applications that are in the pop-up mode, so they can respond to social media notifications …

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