With the arrival of MIUI 12, we have a Xiaomi mobile that in regards to its control panel, the more it seems that we have in our hands an iPhone since we hardly find a difference in aesthetics between one and another. While aesthetically as users we came out winning with the update from MIUI 11 to MIUI 12, there are some elements (such as the visibility of mobile data) that change and that we will have to take into account when choosing between keeping this new one. the control center, or continue with MIUI 11, something that at least for now is presented as an option.

To begin with, if despite the update to MIUI 12, we still have the control center for our entire life (the one that shows the mobile data consumed) and we want to activate the new one, we will carry out these simple steps:

we will carry out these simple steps


  • Settings> Display> Control Center and Notification Bar> Use the new Control Center

Use the new Control Center

Once activated we will have the new MIUI 12 Control Center. In this case, our screen is divided into 2, if we want to access the control center, we slide our finger vertically from top to bottom on the right side of the mobile and If what we want is to access the notifications, we will do the same but on the left side.

we will do the same but on the left side.

As you can see, in the MIUI 12 control center we have the same features or tools as regards the control panel, the difference is for example that in the version that we found before with MIUI 11, we could control our mobile data, specifically daily consumption and monthly consumption, something that is not bad at all if we spend a lot of time away from home in spaces without Wi-Fi or if we have a really scarce data plan.

That control of data spending is not visible from the MIUI 12 control panel (This option is currently only available in official China or India ROM and the Xiaomi EU ROM), so if it is important to you, we will simply disable the use of the new control panel, that is, we will go where we have shown in the previous steps and we will keep it deactivated, keeping the aesthetics and functions of the MIUI 11 control center.

Even so, with the amount of data that companies currently offer and the increasingly prolonged stay in our homes, and the proliferation of Wi-Fi almost anywhere we go, it is a small detail that does not mean that the new control panel of MIUI 12 is much more functional than MIUI 11, especially visually with that hierarchy of the most used elements.

furthermore, having access elements of a larger size making them more visible and functional improves the existence of options within the control center of some applications, such as list apps such as Todolist, which allow access to create a task even with the mobile locked.

If we really want to know about our data consumption, we can also access the information about the data used by following the following steps:

data used by following the following steps

  • Settings> Connection and sharing> Data usage

Accessing in this way we get much more information since it will specify the total data consumption that we have during the month in which we are, but we can also choose to filter the information and access the data spent the day before, that same day, or the last month, giving us not only a complete data consumption figure but also the amount of data spent by each application, being able to have very precise control of consumption, knowing when but also how we are spending our mobile data.

Thus we see that it should not be a real problem to have activated this new control panel that MIUI 12 has brought us.

We hope that in future MIUI 12 updates, Xiaomi will integrate into the Control Panel the option to view the data as it is found in the other ROMs of the company.