How To Hide Photo or Album on Android Without Using Any Application

The gallery displays all the photos that are in folders on the smartphone. Each folder appears as an album.

The Android photo gallery is not one of the most discreet applications. The gallery displays all the photos that are in folders on the smartphone.

Each folder appears as an album. There are several ways to hide photos in the Android gallery. In this tutorial, we show you the fastest way to protect certain photos from prying eyes.

Hide android photo

A simple way to hide photos on your Android smartphone is to use an application from Play Store. Because there are several that do this task well. They function as safes in which the user can place photos or videos.

To access these files, they must necessarily go through the application, which must be protected by a password. THE Vault application does this for example, and very well.

Another option is to simply block the Gallery through a solution that blocks access to applications on Android. But this approach is not the right one in all cases.

How to hide a photo album on Android

If you want to hide photos simply without installing a third-party application and there are two solutions. The first is to create a .nomedia file in a directory containing images that the user does not want to see in the gallery.

To do this, they need a good file manager. And since we are talking about how to hide photos without installing an application, you can simply use the standard file manager on your Android smartphone.

  • Create a special folder with the file manager.
  • Move all the photos you don’t want to see in the gallery to this folder.
  • Then enter the directory and create the .nomedia file inside.

We emphasize that the period (.) Must be placed before the name. This file is empty, but the system will interpret it in a very specific way: it forces you to hide the photos located in the folder in which it is located.

How to hide a photo or album on Android without using an application 1

No application, including the Gallery, can, therefore, display the multimedia files in that folder. However, they will be visible in the file manager. Therefore, it is preferable to create the directory in a location that is not too exposed.

The second method to hide your photos

The second technique for hiding photos on Android without a third-party application is to hide the directory that contains the images. The folder itself will not be visible in the file manager unless the option Show hidden folders is enabled.

To hide a folder and, therefore, the photos and other content contained therein, simply precede it with a period (.). Example “.My images”. And ready.

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