A first step, if we want to enter the world of ROOT, is to know if the Bootloader is unlocked or not. The most common is that Android phones have the boot loader blocked by default, which forces us to unlock it.

Most of our readers will not know what is the boot loader on Android, also known as Bootloader, and the importance it has on Android.

How to check the Android phone’s Bootloader is blocked?

A first step, if we want to enter the world of ROOT, is to know if the Bootloader is unlocked or not. The most common is that Android phones have the boot loader blocked by default, which forces us to unlock it.

Although it is important to know first of all if the Bootloader is really blocked or not. To know this, there are several methods, which allow users to check and confirm the status in a few steps. We show below the various ways to validate the status of the Bootloader on your Android smartphone.

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One way to know if your phone’s Bootloader is blocked or not is through the recovery mode on Android, a function of great importance. It is a feature that exists on all Android phones, although the way in which we have access to this mode may vary depending on the phone brand. But it is one of the most reliable ways to know the status of the Bootloader on the device.

The way to access this recovery menu is different depending on the brand. The most common is to turn the phone off completely and then turn it on while pressing the volume down key at the same time (volume up on other brands). When they do, they have access to the phone’s recovery mode. In this mode, we will find information about the Bootloader.

Here you can see if it is unlocked or not on the phone. As we mentioned, it is probably blocked by default. There are few brands on Android that unlock it, less and less, in fact.

Secret codes to check Android phone’s Bootloader

Secret codes to check Android phone's Bootloader

On Android, we find a large number of secret codes, which give us access to some functions or information on the phone itself. They are very useful in these types of situations and we can use them on most Android brands.

To find out if the phone’s Bootloader is blocked, there is a code. This code is * # * # 7378423 # * # * that we need to enter in the phone dialer. Entering this code will open a new window, where we have information about the phone. Look for the section called Service information and then Configuration, inside you can see if the Bootloader is blocked or not.

It is presented as a very useful method for Android users. It is easy to use and very fast. But there is a problem, as this method does not work on many current models. In many cases, when you enter this code on the device, nothing happens; therefore, it is not something that works for some users, which is annoying.

I tried on several models ( Huawei P30 Lite, P Smart + 2019 and Galaxy A50) and in none of them was it possible to make use of this code. But if you have an Android phone that is at least two years old, this trick may work for you. It’s worth a try because it works quickly and easily on the phone.

Check Android phone’s Bootloader with PC

Another way to know if the Bootloader is blocked or not is to use the computer. For that, we will have to use ADB and Fastboot. If you don’t have these files, the ones that are necessary to make use of this tool, you can download it here for your version for Windows. Once we have these files, we can use this method, which will allow us to access this information on the phone.

Let’s connect the phone to the computer.

First, they need to have the phone in quick start mode, which we can do through ADB. We will have to execute the command called adb reboot fastboot and enter this mode. When this is done, they must execute the command fastboot devices, to check if the system is recognizing the phone. This command is responsible for unlocking or at least trying to unlock the phone’s Bootloader.

It is normal to say OK, which means it is not blocked. In case of an error, this means that said Bootloader is still blocked on the phone. There are several additional commands that can be tested, but none of them change anything.