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5 best Android apps for long-distance couples

Improve your relationship with these apps

As we said, new technologies help us to be connected with our loved ones at any time or situation. In the case of those people who have their partner in another city or country, applications that have the simplest tools, such as chatting or watching a movie together, are not enough for them. They need to go further and have more possibilities of interaction to keep the flame of love alive. Therefore, if you want to keep your long-distance relationships safe and sound and enjoy a much closer experience with your partner, these applications will be of great help.

Apps to create photo albums


This application has a lot of different uses, from creating photo albums of all kinds to making a private one that can only be accessed by password. Although it is more focused on parties, trips, and special events, this app is also very useful for long-distance relationships, being able to create a shared album with your partner. The photographs are of high quality and you can add as many as you want, both the ones you send each other when you are apart and the ones you take when you are next to each other. Its use is very simple and you can access your memories from any device.



If you and your partner are very romantic and creative people, this application is sure to disappoint you. You can capture your love in a very simple way thanks to this photo editor with different customization options. Lots of frames and includes the option to add text to remember your best moments. The app is designed for couples who are together, although it is also highly recommended for remote couples since you can upload your own images from the gallery of your devices to always keep each other in mind.

Instant messaging apps


tinkovuTinkovu works like an instant messaging app, but its goal is to send Tinks or messages to which you can add all kinds of multimedia files, or you can simply send a simple notification to remind your partner that you have them in mind. It is not necessary to register and its interface has a very simple design. When you have chosen your username, the application will assign you a unique code that, together with your name, will form your personal identifier. With it, you can add your partner and you can exchange messages and your feelings, although both of you must have the application and be added to each other.


betweenBetween them will become an essential component of your long-distance relationships. With this application, you can exchange messages in real-time with your partner, accompanied by photos, videos, and voice notes to feel as if you were next to her. Includes a calendar where you can add your most important dates. The most interesting thing about this app is that it shows you what the weather is like, what time it is, or how the traffic is in the town where your partner lives All chats and multimedia elements are easily stored, and you don’t have to worry about them, since all your data is encrypted and will be completely safe.

Apps to test your partner



With Agape you and your partner will be connected daily and discover more about each other through daily questions that the app itself will do. It is designed to establish stronger bonds between you and to further strengthen your relationship. Every time you connect, your tracker Mood will show you how you feel at that moment, both with yourself and with your partner. The conversations will flow when you answer the questions that the application asks you, and you can establish your own, although for this you must subscribe to its payment service.


pairedWith Paired You will improve communication, you will always be connected and you will be able to help your partner at any time to build a solid and happy relationship. Like the previous one, it also includes a daily question so that both of you can answer with total sincerity what the other wants at that moment. On the other hand, it also includes questionnaires for both, who deal with a different aspect of the relationship each week, and then you can compare the answers to find out how you can improve. Finally, you can access the best advice of expert relationship therapists and academics, especially for those further away.


wefeelWith Wefeel you can share unique experiences with your partner. Through its simple and fun Minigames, questions and challenges, you will improve communication and trust with your better half. It also includes insider tips to guide you to forge a stronger relationship, and you’ll remember the stress and nerves of your first dates. You will be able to work on different aspects of your relationship at a distance and through their daily questions, you will put yourself to the test to see if you are made for each other.

Apps to be intimate with your partner


we connect

This application, which has more than a million downloads on Google Play, will make you and your partner keep your life alive sex life of your relationships at a distance, even if you are thousands of miles away. Through the products offered by We-Vibe, you will control your favorite sex toys from your phones. Adjust the vibration and intensity patterns to your liking, in addition to establishing certain music through its Touch mode. All this is incorporated in a simple and very easy-to-use interface.

Naughty Couples Game

couples app

As its name suggests, this is a game that includes hundreds of challenges to test with your partner. At a long distance, it will generate more morbid and desire, so it is an excellent option if we are far from our better half. You can customize the experience of the game with the various themes that it includes. The tests are classified into 5 increasingly exciting categories or levels. Start from level 1 and as you go through tests, the temperature will rise considerably. It is completely free, although it includes more extensive paid content packs.


kinduKindu is an application that allows couples to meet and explore the sexual desires and tastes of the other person. His goal is to break the taboo of the most committed topics to create greater trust in the relationship. You will find more than 600 questions to know if you really agree in the most intimate aspects. When you answer the questions, you can choose two options: “definitely” or “open for discussion.” Afterward, the app will let you know what each other thinks about the questions it raises and then have a conversation.

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