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How To Get Better Aim in Fortnite – Simple Tricks

Get Better Aim in Fortnite

The innovative style of play, the battle modes, the characters, and the weapons of Fortnite have made it a favorite among a wide range of audiences, making it one of the most played shooters worldwide. You can improve your aim by downloading and installing Fortnite on your Android phone.

Get Better Aim in Fortnite

It is often a good shot that determines the fate of a game, whether it is in Battle Royale or Save the World modes. It doesn’t matter how many walls or towers your opponents build to hide if you can make your shots reach them. Sure, it is difficult at first, but we can help you become a quality shooter quickly with a little help and practice.

Activate Assisted Sight

Activate Assisted Sight Fortnite

Compared to the PC, Nintendo Switch, and other console versions of Fortnite, the mobile version has some advantages. Fortnite mobile players can compare themselves with players on other consoles due to the development of certain game tools, such as assisted aiming and automatic shooting.

Activating assisted aiming is one of the most important modifications to get the most out of Fortnite on your mobile device. As this tool is much better developed on the mobile version, if you understand how to use it, you can increase your kills quickly.

To activate the assisted sight, perform the following steps :

  • In the pause menu, enter the Settings section.

  • Click on the Contact and Movement options, the fourth button from left to right in the top bar.

  • Go down the settings and activate the Aim Assist option.

activate the Aim Assist option Fortnite

Adjust the sensitivity to a level you feel comfortable with

Adjust the sensitivity Fortnite

It would help to consider both Touch Aim Sensitivity and Touch Aim Sensitivity options when improving your aim, as both options are essential. The Touch Aim Sensitivity feature allows you to control the speed at which the scope moves when you are aiming with rifles, and Touch Aim Sensitivity is the same as you would use when aiming with scoped weapons.

To modify the sensitivity, perform the following steps:

  • Enter the Settings section.

  • Click on the Contact and Movement option that we mentioned above.

  • Under the shooting mode option, you can see all the sensitivity options and modify them to your liking.

It is ideal if you feel the scope is moving too slowly or too fast, preventing you from focusing well on your target, so this option is ideal for you.

Activate automatic shooting

We recommend activating the automatic shooting option to make each shot worthwhile. Its name is aptly descriptive of how the avatar can fire without the player having to give the order. Just have an enemy cross the path of your crosshairs, and your weapon will fire as soon as the enemy crosses your crosshairs.

The automatic shooting mode also removes the shutter button from your screen, allowing you to move your fingers more freely. Click here to activate automatic shooting mode.

  • Enter the Settings section.

  • Choose the Contact and Motion option.

  • Choose the option to Select a shooting mode and click on the automatic shooting option.

Take advantage of the gyroscope.

advantage of the gyroscope Fortnite


A gyroscope was considered one of the best options available to mobile players when the game was first released for PC and console devices during its early years. Because most consoles also included this option in their platforms, it is no longer exclusive to mobile phones but is still an excellent tool.

When you activate the gyroscope, you can enjoy a much more precise view than when you use the buttons on the screen. However, it would be best if you gave up another useful tool, the assisted view. Once you activate the gyroscope, you can choose which option is most suitable for you since you will no longer receive aiming assistance.

To activate the gyroscope, all you have to do is the following:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Visit the Contact and Movement section.
  • Go to the Gyroscope Options section and activate Gyroscope Aiming.

It is relevant to remember that in the Active Mode option (combat), you must select the Just Look option since otherwise, the camera will move with each of your movements, and that can be counterproductive.

Tips to improve your aim in practice

improve your aim in practice Fortnite

Crouching while taking important shots is a great way to increase your kill ratio. Shooting from a crouch increases accuracy and decreases scope movement whenever possible.

Online islands with practice objectives are another excellent tool for practicing in-game. It would be best to shoot without a scope to train your aim. With practice, you can make your kills with the scope much easier once you start landing shots without it.

It will be the same as runners who carry much weight and feel lighter and faster when competing.


Shoot in bursts rather than holding the trigger. This will save you ammunition and increase your chances of hitting the target. You can shoot at your enemy without him anticipating it if you anticipate his movements while doing this, especially if he is far away from you.

When choosing your weapons, prefer weapons with scopes since shotguns and submachine guns, despite their power, have a lot of recoils, which does not facilitate aiming. Newbies should practice with scoped weapons if they are starting out.

Hopefully, with these tips and tricks, you will soon be a pro gamer in Fortnite for mobile, putting your noob days behind you and becoming the incredible player you can become. Please leave any other tips you know in the comments section if we missed them.


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