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How To Win Fortnite: Tips And Tricks For Beginners

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Fortnite has emerged as the definitive leader of the Battle Royale genre. When Battle Royale games first became popular, there was a big debate over which was best. Since Epic Games released this title in 2017, it has managed to dominate this genre and reinvent itself to remain among the world’s most-played games.

There are many reasons why people love Fortnite, including the many collaborations it has had with famous TV shows, movies, and musicians, as well as the recent addition of the “No Construction” mode. You can also find here a list of 10 best tips to improve your performance in Fortnite if you are just getting started and want to know how to win.

How to win at Fortnite: tips and tricks for beginners

The tips and tricks we present below will be extremely helpful for players just getting started with Fortnite. We also recommend that you take a look at the 10 tips that we leave you here below if you have been playing the game for quite some time and you think you don’t have many kills or that your performance could be improved. Additionally, you can use these tricks if you play Fortnite on Android, PC, or consoles.

Adjust game settings to give yourself an extra advantage.

Adjust game settingsYou must learn that when you start playing Fortnite, you must adjust the game settings to feel more comfortable. For the touch and motion sensitivity of the controls section to adjust to your ability to aim and focus, you must first configure them.

In addition to the “Display sound effects” option, activating it will give you a great deal of advantage while playing. In the sound section of the game settings, you can locate this and see where the sound of your rivals’ footsteps or shots comes from. By doing this, you can quickly identify your rivals’ locations.

Learn what weapon colors mean: always look for the gold ones.

what weapon colors mean

It is important for you to learn how weapons are identified in Fortnite by their color. The color of an object is influenced by its rarity. For example, you may find a gray and purple automatic shotgun. Which is better? The answer is the following:

  • Gray: common weapons.

  • Green: unusual weapons, better than the previous ones.

  • Blue: rare weapons to find, better than the previous ones.

  • Epic: weapons with great damage power, much more difficult to find.

  • Legendary: the best Fortnite weapons, complicated to find in the game.

In this way, you must always prioritize the hierarchical scale of colors to try to have the best weapons. You probably won’t be able to get a legendary or epic weapon in every game, but you should make sure you always at least have a blue weapon.

You can never miss your shield.

never miss your shield

To start each game, you must find a weapon and set your shield to 100%. Fortnite has a life bar (green) that will be at 100% when the game begins. Above this will be an empty blue bar: the shield bar.


It is, therefore, recommended that you fill the entire blue shield bar before firing the first bullet. Taking this step gives you an extra advantage when facing other players.

Choose a strategic place to land: always near a weapon or a chest.

strategic place to land

. Well, you must surely be wondering… Where on the map to land? Fortnite starts with the bus from which everyone launches and deploys the hang glider. There is no right answer to this question.

The most important thing is to land near a weapon or a chest, regardless of where you land on the map. You can land in the desert, the jungle, or on any building. During landing, weapons and chests can be seen almost anywhere on the map, so we recommend landing near them to arm yourself quickly in case other players also land near you.

Keep a varied loadout with long and short-range weapons

long and short-range weapons

Almost all Fortnite players have a favorite weapon they feel most comfortable playing with. You have various weapons in this Battle Royale, including pistols, submachine guns, rifles, shotguns, bazookas, and sniper rifles. However, becoming attached to one type of weapon is not advisable.

Many types of weapons exist, but the best depends on the circumstance. For close combat, weapons such as shotguns are highly lethal but have short ranges.

You should also keep sniper or scoped rifles in your inventory if you need them when facing a long-distance opponent. Therefore, you should keep weapons suitable for all confrontations in your inventory.


Not everything is a weapon; carry a healing item in your inventory.

carry a healing item

While Fortnite contains many different weapons, it doesn’t mean you should take them all. Use the remaining two slots to carry healing items if you already have a shotgun, assault rifle, and sniper rifle. We recommend one item that restores life and another one that restores shields.

You must have already realized that Fortnite offers a variety of healing items. Some restore shields or life quickly, but partially: bandages and blue mini positions. On the other hand, the first aid kit or large blue potion heals your shield and life completely despite being slow to heal.

You should carry two healing items in your inventory: fast healing items (such as mini potions) and slow healing items (such as first aid kits). Some items are better than others, such as healing sprays and shield barrels.

Avoid being too aggressive: stealth is best for beginners.

Avoid being too aggressive

Don’t be brave if you are starting out playing Fortnite. The game’s matchmaking attempts to place players of the same level into matches, but you will always encounter players with much more experience than you. Due to the difference in skills in PvP, you won’t have much chance of winning if you face them directly.

For this reason, we encourage you to use stealth as your main weapon of attack in your first games. You can sneak through tall grass, walk slowly, and crouch when approaching a new location so that other players won’t be able to see you. If you can discover an opponent’s position and catch them off guard, you can beat an opponent who is much better than you.

Always watch the map: don’t get lost in the storm.keep an eye on the map

The biggest mistake many new Fortnite players make is neglecting their position in the eye of the storm. You should remember that the storm closes as the game goes on, and if you stay outside the playable area, you will begin to receive damage.


Because of the aforementioned, we recommend you always keep an eye on the map at the start of the game so you can see when the storm will start to close. As a result, you will not be caught by surprise and will avoid dying with the message, “Player XXXXXX has been lost in the storm.”.

Before you join the fight, make sure it’s a battle you have a chance of winning.

join the fight
During the games, you may encounter a situation where the players face each other. You will certainly want to get involved but don’t be discouraged.

In the case that no one has seen you yet, we recommend that you wait until the players have eliminated each other. Once this happens, you can confront the player who survived, who is most likely injured and will be easier to defeat.

Practice with Fortnite creative mode

Finally, one of the last tips we give you to play Fortnite better and get more victories is to practice your aim. To do this, you can use the creative mode available in the game, where users create different training mapsWhich ones do we recommend? Well, the following:

  • Teadoh’s Aim Trainer Routine 1: 6056-6077-9955.
  • Teadoh’s Aim Trainer Routine 2: 7244-2038-6095.
  • Jarvy: 7026-3756-9440.
  • DonWozi’s Skavooks Aim Trainer: 8022-6842-4965.
  • FEED OWL: 7631-7304-7913.

And you… What are you waiting for to put these tips into practice in a game of Fortnite?


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