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Install Google Camera 8.9 on Motorola Edge 40 Neo

Google Camera 8.9 on Motorola Edge 40 Neo

Despite the fact that the Moto Edge 40 Neo is a mid-range smartphone, it still boasts a fantastic camera thanks to Motorola, which offers the same set of cameras as the vanilla Edge 40. There is a 50MP primary sensor on the back of the mid-ranger, which performs well in daylight. The default camera app on the Moto Edge 40 maintains a stock-like user interface while offering many useful features. On your Moto Edge 40 Neo, you can download the Google Camera (GCam mod) if you are seeking a better alternative.

Google Camera for Moto Edge 40 Neo [Best GCam 8.9]

Using the OmniVision OV50A sensor, Motorola Edge 40 Neo produces high-quality images using four-cell design (or the 4-in-1 pixel binning technology). In terms of software, the device has the same set of features as the Edge 40 and Edge 40 Pro, including a 50MP OmniVision OV50A sensor. The second unit on the camera array is a 13MP ultra-wide-angle sensor.

As well as taking impressive photos in daylight with the main sensor, the Moto Edge 40 Neo also offers Automatic Night Vision in low light situations. However, if you enjoy taking photos in ultra-wide-angle mode, the device may not meet your expectations. You may want to consider installing the Google Camera app on your Moto Edge 40 Neo to enhance the camera performance.

Many Android phones, including the recently released Moto Edge 40 Neo, have already received the new Google Camera 8.9. There are a number of useful features included in the newest version of the Google Camera app, including Night Sight, Astrophotography, and SloMo. The following steps will guide you through the process of downloading and installing the Google Camera app on Motorola Edge 40 Neo.

Download Google Camera for Moto Edge 40 Neo

This smartphone is packed with features, and it is also equipped with Camera2 API support, which means you can easily install third-party camera applications on the smartphone, including the GCam mod port, out of the box, allowing you to use the smartphone. The GCam app can be downloaded from the following links. There are a lot of GCam ports available on the web, but the three best working ones that you can use on your smartphone are the following. Here are the links to the latest GCam 8.9 mod by BSG, GCam 8.7 mod by Arnova8G2, and GCam 7.3 by Urnyx05.

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If you have downloaded the app and installed it on your smartphone, first you need to make some adjustments to the app’s settings before using it. Of course, this is for better performance and results. We recommend you review the settings in this section before you start using it.

  • Open GCam app on your smartphone > Settings > Mod Settings

    • Auxiliary camera > Aux Camera Back

    • Auxiliary camera > Manual set camera ID > Enable

    • Auxiliary camera > Manual set camera ID > Back Camera 1 set to 0

    • Auxiliary camera > Manual set camera ID > Back Camera 2 set to 2

    • Auxiliary camera > Manual set camera ID > Front Camera (main) to 1

In the developer settings page, there is also an advanced section which allows you to change a variety of other settings, not only this, but you can also change the model of your device if you wish.

How to Install Google Camera on Motorola Edge 40 Neo

As I said earlier above, below you will find out how to install the GCam Google Camera app. For friends who don’t know the exact installation steps, you can see them here.

  1. The first step you have to take is to download the Google Camera application for your Google Camera 8…
  2. Then move the apk and XML files that you downloaded earlier to the phone’s internal storage.
  3. Then create a new folder with the name GCam on the phone’s internal storage, then paste the two files into this folder.
  4. Then in the GCam folder that you created earlier, create a new folder again with the name Configs.
  5. Then move the XML file into this Configs folder,
  6. Then the next step is to install the GCam apk that you copied earlier into that folder.
  7. After a message appears saying the app is installed, then open the GCam application.
  8. After the application is open, then double-tap on the black area close to the shutter button icon.
  9. Then select Choose Config, then look for the XML file that you copied earlier to the internal storage.
  10. Then click the Restore button.
  11. Finished.

Harnessing the Power of Google Camera

So you’ve got Google Camera on your Motorola Edge 40 Neo? That’s great! Let’s take a moment to explore some of the crazy-cool features that will help you take better pictures.

1. Night Sight Mode

Remarkable low-light photos, taken even in near darkness. The algorithm merges multiple exposures together to create bright, noise-free images.

2. Astrophotography Mode

Capture the night sky in all its glory with Google Camera for Motorola Edge 40 Neo. An app dedicated to astrophotography comes pre-loaded on your smartphone, allowing you a better view of the stars than ever before.

3. Portrait Mode

Expanding the versatility of the Google Camera app, portrait mode creates beautifully blurred backgrounds and stunning portraits. When you need a sharp focus on your subject matter, this feature will come in handy.

4. HDR+ Enhanced

Google Camera uses advanced HDR+ to capture crisp and clear photos even in difficult lighting situations. It’s an ideal camera application for landscapes and scenery shots.

5. Pro Mode

The Pro Mode in Google Camera allows you to adjust settings such as ISO, shutter speed, and white balance, giving you complete creative control over your shots.


Motorola Edge 40 Neo is a trailblazer in the camera phone market. It’s the first smartphone in the world to adopt an integrated Google dual lens, helping you take photos like no other with its great low-light experience and versatile shooting modes.



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