Fix Ps5 Controller Drift

Since the release of the PlayStation 5, the first owners of the awaited console have noticed an annoying problem with the DualSense included in the package. This problem, also known as “joystick drift”, can cause the analog sticks of the DualSense to move on their own, making it difficult to play properly. As happened previously with the PS4 DualShock, the peripheral tends to suffer from annoying drifting.

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If you have problems of this type, in the article you are reading we have tried to give you valuable information on how to solve everything.

What Is DualSense Drift?

DualSense drift is a phenomenon that occurs when two people become emotionally and physically connected to one another. It is believed to be the result of an intense emotional bond between two individuals, which can manifest itself in various ways including physical sensations, mental impressions, and even telepathy.

DualSense drift has been studied for decades by psychologists who believe it could provide insight into how humans interact with each other on a deeper level.

The most common form of DualSense drift involves both people experiencing similar emotions at the same time without any prior communication or contact between them. This could include feeling excited or happy when the other person experiences joy or sadness when they feel grief; this connection allows both parties to share their feelings as if they were one mind in two bodies.

Additionally, some researchers have suggested that this phenomenon may also allow for telepathic communication between those involved in dual-sense drifting since they are so closely connected on an emotional level.

Overall, while dual sense drifting remains largely unexplored due to its subjective nature and lack of scientific evidence backing up its existence; however many believe it provides further proof that humans are capable of forming strong bonds beyond what traditional science would suggest possible.

As such, more research needs to be done before we can fully understand all aspects associated with dual sense-drifting but until then we should remain open-minded about its potential effects on our lives.

Why PS5 controller drifting?

The DualSense “drift” effect occurs when the PS5 registers movement on the screen even though the player does not touch the controller. This has caused some frustration among gamers, as they feel it takes away from their full control of the gaming experience

This is due to DualSense drifting. Essentially, the joystick sensors inside the pad are registering unwanted movement, perhaps due to wear. However, this problem often occurs a few weeks after the purchase: in fact, everything can also be traced back to clogging by dirt.

Regardless of the triggering factor, we recommend that you take a look at the following pointers to try to remedy this situation.

#1: Adjust the input threshold on the DualSense controller

The input threshold (also known as the dead zone) is essentially the area where the stick registers no movement. So if you are experiencing mild drift, you may be able to eradicate it completely by changing that parameter. However, this fix will only work for some games.

Adjust the input threshold on the DualSense controller

  • If you go into the controller settings on some (but not all) video games, you’ll notice an option to change the controller input threshold size.
  • This item is very common among FPS and titles that require particular precision in the pointing phase.
  • So, if you experience a slight DualSense drift to the right on the right stick, you can increase the size of the input dead zone/threshold in that direction.
  • This means that the controller won’t register movement until you push the stick out of its threshold.

Sadly, this isn’t a system-wide option, which is surprising as it would be simple for Sony to implement. It could include it in a controller and console update, but for now, there is no clear news on the matter.

#2: Clean the DualSense controller thoroughly

The PS5 controller is a pristine white color, cleverly contrasted by the black thumbsticks and button placements. While this minimalist design befits a 21st-century gaming model, most geeks are annoyed with how quickly the controller gets dirty. If you’re having the same problem, here’s how to clean a PS5 controller!

You need something that can get deep into the crevices of your controller and remove the dirt buildup from there. Hand sanitizers, duct tape, isopropyl alcohol, canned air, gel-based cleaners, microfiber cloths, alcohol wipes, controller skins, etc. are some of the things you can use to keep a controller clean.

It’s easy to forget to clean your hands of all the dirt and sweat when you’re busy challenging other players. However, there are steps you can take to get your controller looking like new once again.

Here, let us walk you through a step-by-step process for the multiple ways you can clean your PS5 controller. Read on, and if you find something that’s available in your house, let’s clean up!

The steps to clean your PS5 controller :

There are three key steps when cleaning the PS5 controller. These include:

One: identify problem areas

  • The thumb sticks: What you use to navigate during the game. Also, the most roughly used parts of the whole set. The sides and inside corners tend to collect dirt that is difficult to remove.
  • The grip: The parts that you grasp with the palms of your hands. These easily collect sweat and any other oily or dusty residue from the palms of your hands.
  • The Cracks on the Sides: The slight opening around the edges of the controller where the top and bottom meet. The cracks are incredibly narrow and easily clogged with dust and dirt, which can be difficult to clean.
  • The buttons: This is another part that faces rough handling and is in direct contact with bacteria and dirt from your hands and other surfaces.
  • The Ports: The available ports on your PS5 controller are another easy target for dust. Sharp internal crevices can be impossible to clean if you neglect them for too long.

Every external part of the controller is a target for dust and dirt. Once you have figured out how dirty these parts are, let’s move on to the second step.

Two: Clean the remote

We will explore two methods that you can choose from to clean your PS5 controller. You can take your pick or create your own formula based on these ideas.

wet cleaning

Wet cleaning the PS5 controller is meant to loosen dirt and grime stuck to it. These methods offer a deep clean and make your PS5 controller look like new once again. Here are some ways to wet clean your PS5 controller:

Using a gel-based cleaner: Gel-based cleaners that are available for hardware like keyboards and mice are also appropriate for PlayStation game controllers. You can get these on Amazon or your nearest drugstore for a couple of bucks. For the application of the gel-based formula, you will need a microfiber cloth and a cotton swab.

Simply pour some of the cleaner onto your microfiber cloth and rub it firmly over the entire controller to loosen dirt and smudges.

For hard-to-reach parts, like under your thumbs or inside ports, you can dip your Q-tip in a bit of the solution and use it to wipe away the gunk. You can also use the narrow edges of the microfiber cloth to get into the crevices of the controller.

Using rubbing alcohol: If you have some rubbing alcohol around the house, you can use it instead of buying gel cleaner. The isopropyl alcohol cleaning method is a little different than the gel-based cleaning formula. While rubbing alcohol can revive your controller’s shine, it’s not very effective at removing stubborn dirt buildup.

For that purpose, you’ll need some canned air to blow away dirt and dust buildup before rubbing with alcohol. Simply blow canned air into crevices, into ports, and around controls and buttons to loosen dirt and bacteria buildup. Then proceed with a microfiber cloth dipped in isopropyl alcohol and wipe away any buildup.

Note: With either of these methods, it is important to apply the liquid sparingly. It should be enough to cover all parts of the controller, but it should not be enough to seep through the small openings, as that can cause irreparable damage to the controller.

Dry cleaning

If you object to wet cleaning your PS5 controller, don’t worry! There are many ways to return the controller to its original color without letting it get near any liquid. Dry cleaning your PS5 controller is pretty easy and can be done with everyday household items. Here are some of the ways to dry clean your PlayStation 5 remote:

Using Duct Tape: You’ve probably seen how hair removal strips work. Apply the sticky part to the surface and pull it clean. This is how you can clean those tight and hard-to-reach parts of the controller.

What you have to do is fold the tape along its vertical length with the sticky side out. Insert this length into the cracks in the controller so that dirt sticks to it, then remove the tape from the controller and discard it. You can also use duct tape on the wider surfaces of the controller if you like.

Using Canned Air: Blowing canned air is also sufficient when trying to blow dirt out of your controller. It’s also fairly simple to use, but can be time-consuming if the dirt buildup is too heavy. When you get your canned air product, make sure it is well-compressed and fully packed.

It must also have a powerful blowing capacity so that you have to spend less air on each part. Finally, remember to cover your nose and mouth with a cloth to prevent dust from entering your system, as this can cause allergic problems.

#3: Lift and rotate the thumbsticks

If you often play games that require you to use and click the stick in a specific direction for extended periods, you may experience drifting in that direction.

One way to fix this is to gently lift the thumbstick out of its housing and rotate it generously a few times before reinserting it. This will help re-center the mechanism within the thumbstick and hopefully fix the PS5 controller drifting.

How can you keep a PS5 controller clean?

Giving your PS5 controller a deep clean might seem satisfying, but it’s also pretty risky to let your devices get anywhere near chemicals or other cleaning agents from time to time. If your PS5 controller is currently dirty and smelly, then you can do a deep clean. However, here are some tips on aftercare for your controller so it always stays sparkling clean to look at and play on:

  • Grab your PS5 controller with clean hands. It’s exciting to have chicken wings and popcorn when you’re playing with your friends, but it’s bad for your controller.
  • Keep your controller wrapped in a plastic skin at all times. These plastic skins are readily available. online and at hardware stores and you can keep your controller from going bad.
  • Keep the controller in a clean, well-ventilated area. Make sure the storage space you choose is dust free and generally clean.
  • Spray some hand sanitizer on the controller to rinse away any dirt you notice at any time. This will save you the hassle of a full cleaning.

#4: Reset and update your DualSense controller

While PlayStation 5 controller drifting is mostly due to hardware issues, you should still have any software issues that could be causing this annoying phenomenon. So, if the first three solutions didn’t fix the drifting effect, reset the DualSense controller. You will need a paper clip or safety pin for this task.

  • First, make sure your controller is turned off.
  • Then, gently insert and hold the paper clip or safety pin into the small hole on the back of the DualSense controller for five seconds.
  • After the reset, try using the controller again and see if the issue is resolved.

If resetting the controller doesn’t work, you may need to reset the Bluetooth connection. To do this, go to Settings – Accessories – General – Turn off Bluetooth. You will need your own USB cable for this. Finally, check if your console and DualSense controller are running the latest firmware.

For your controller, go to Settings – Accessories – Controller (General) – DualSense Wireless Controller Device Software. Your console should update automatically,

But you can also trigger a manual update by going to Settings – System – System Software – System Software Update and Settings – Update System Software.

#5: Update The Controller’s Firmware

The PS5 controller needs to be updated relatively regularly in order to use the routinely updated features of the DualSense. However, users can annoyingly ignore the update screen if they accidentally skip it. This means that the driver will not be updated, and users will not know how to force a manual update on the DualSense if they inadvertently pressed the circle and decided to refrain from updating the driver software.

Fortunately, there is a way to manually update PlayStation 5 controller firmware in a few easy steps.

How to Manually Update PS5 Controller Firmware:

PS5 controller firmware can be updated manually by disconnecting from the internet, changing the console’s date and time, and then reconnecting to the internet. This will cause the system to force the update again, which you will need to do if you missed the first time. Manually update the driver by following the steps below:

Disable “Connect to the Internet” in the Settings menu. This can be found by going to Settings and then Network. Change the date of the PS5 to the next day. Go to Settings, then System, then select Date & Time. Connect the PS5 controller to the PS5 via USB. -C Restart PS5 Update PS5 driver

After following the steps above, you can reconnect your PS5 to the internet after updating the DualSense controller. Then, you will have received the latest update for the hardware, which will allow you to enjoy all the new DualSense features and improvements that Sony has implemented.

For other PS5 fixes, console owners can check out our guide on how to stop your controller from regularly disconnecting. Many have also wondered how to read messages on the console, while spam on PSN has proven to be a pain in the ass for PS5 and PS4 users.

#6: Update Your PS5

However, it’s important that you install them so that you’re running the most recent, efficient, and feature-rich version of the software available, and many games won’t let you play online until you update to the latest software.

Here’s how you can do it: a guide to updating your PS5 software.

You’ll always know when new software is available for your PS5 because you’ll receive a notification when you turn on the console, as you can see below. The software may have already been downloaded or you may need to wait for it to complete.

update PS5 software

Once it says “Ready to Install”, tapping the “X” on this notification is the quickest way to get started – you’ll be prompted to install the new software.

The console will notify you that it will need to restart after installing the software, and will warn you not to turn it off during this process.

installing the ps5 firmware update

The software will then be installed, and even the major updates made since the PS5’s release have only taken a couple of minutes to install, given its fast storage.

Once it reboots, the console will finish the installation process.

finish the installation process.

Once complete, you’ll be returned to the home screen, and when you turn your controller back on you’ll be up to date and able to explore the new console software, or just keep playing.

How to check for PS5 software update

If you don’t see a notification but expect a software update soon, you can also manually check for an update.

To do this, follow these instructions through the console menu:

Settings > System > System software > Console info.

Here you can see the version of software you’re running, and if it says “Up to date” then you can rest easy knowing you have the latest version. Otherwise, you will have the option to download the latest update.

#7: Return the DualSense controller to Sony

If your DualSense controller is still under warranty and assuming you have proof of purchase, you may be able to return it to Sony and get a free replacement. However, you should only use this option as a last resort.

Managing the return process is reasonably straightforward. It’s just a case of going to the Fix and Replaces page and you can start the replacement process from there. You can also track your return on that page to know when your replacement device is on the way.

Simply select the DualSense option and the site will walk you through a series of questions to diagnose the problem and initiate any request.

What NOT to do with your controller if you experience drifting

Now that we have told you some possible ways to fix the problem, you also need to know what not to do.

First, don’t disassemble the PS5 controller. Doing so will void your warranty, meaning you won’t be able to return the DualSense to Sony for a replacement. You don’t need to take it apart as you probably don’t have the correct components to fix it with, so avoid that either way.

Second, while you’ll want to clean your controller, we don’t suggest scrubbing or scrubbing it — only use proper cleaners.

Third, treat your controller with care. Do not throw it if you lose a game or you will damage the controller, most likely beyond repair. Likewise, you don’t need to press the thumbstick buttons too hard, as these are delicate components and are easy to wear out.

It goes without saying that the better you treat your controller, the longer it will last. Since this is an issue with the sticks, avoid flicking them while waiting for levels to load; this can quickly deplete the life cycle of the delicate components inside.

Is your PS5 controller “drifting”?

If your controller drifts, try the solutions above and see if they work. Start with cleaning and if that doesn’t work, return the controller to Sony. Meanwhile, some games let you switch the dead zones, so you can still play, regardless.

Of course, there are plenty of reasons to love it too, but DualSense drift is an issue Sony needs to address sooner rather than later to keep its loyal PlayStation customers happy.


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