Xfinity Remote Not Working

Xfinity remotes offer a convenient way to control your home devices; however, they are not immune to occasional malfunctions. If your Xfinity remote is malfunctioning, don’t fret–there are several steps you can take to troubleshoot the issue and get it up and running again.

If your remote control isn’t working properly, it can be frustrating. Thankfully, there are some simple methods you can use to troubleshoot the problem and get things going again.

In this article, you’ll find several fixes for the Xfinity remote not working.

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Why is your Xfinity Remote Not Working?

If your Xfinity remote isn’t working properly, or if it doesn’t work at all, you’ll have plenty of problems to deal with.

There could be numerous causes for the problem. One likely cause is that the remote’s batteries have run out of power or are too weak to activate it.

Xfinity customers may experience problems with their remote controls, which link to the set-top box and not the cable box.

Whatever the issue, we have found some of the best troubleshooting ways to fix the Xfinity remote not working problem.

How to Fix Xfinity Remote Not Working

You can try several strategies to fix your Xfinity remote not working problem. Whether you have an entirely broken remote or only some of its buttons are not functioning, these methods will help.

Check The Remote Batteries

If you find that your Xfinity remote isn’t working, check its batteries first—weak or depleted batteries can cause this problem. To fix it:

Check The Remote Batteries

Step 1: Open the remote’s battery box.

Step 2: Replace the old batteries with new ones, being sure to properly insert them.

If your battery removal works, the previous batteries were dead. However, if this does not work and you still have issues with charging, continue to the next fix.

Bring the Remote Closer to the Xfinity Box

Sometimes, your remote may lose its connection with your Xfinity device because the remote is too far away from it. If you believe this is the problem, try moving the remote closer to your device.

Bring the Remote Closer to the Xfinity Box

Use your remote at a distance of 15-20 feet from the device to get the best signal. If you’re still having problems, consider using another option (such as hooking up via HDMI or optical audio).

Remove anything that might be getting in the way of your remote’s signal, and try again.

Restart The Xfinity Device

If your Xfinity remote is not working, restarting the device may resolve this issue. To do so:

Step 1: First, turn off your Xfinity device by unplugging its power cord.

Step 2: Wait at least one minute before plugging the device back in.

Step 3: Finally, try out the remote’s functionality when your device restarts.

Check The Remote Buttons

If the buttons on your Xfinity remote have become stuck or unresponsive, this might clarify why it’s not working.

The problem is usually caused by one or more buttons that are stuck in the down position.

Look for a flashing LED when you touch a button. If there is no light, the button may be stuck; try to unstick it by pressing harder or more times.

If buttons on your Xfinity remote are stuck, you might need to purchase a new one. If the keys aren’t working correctly, continue with this guide for more troubleshooting steps.

Reset the Remote

If the Xfinity remote stops working properly, you may need to unpair it and pair it again. This will reset the remote and should fix any problems that were occurring before this step was taken.

To get the Xfinity remote working again, you have to reprogram it. Keep reading for instructions on how to do that.

Reset XR2, XR5, and XR11 Models (With Setup Button)

Step 1: Press the Setup button on your remote until its LED changes from red to green.

Step 2: Enter “9-8-1” once the LED turns green.

Step 3: After you enter the code, the green LED will blink twice to tell you that your remote has been reset.

Reset XR15 Model (Without Setup Button)

Step 1: Press the A and D buttons on your remote for a few seconds, until you see that the power button has changed from red to green.

Step 2: Type in “9-8-1”, and the LED will blink blue three times to indicate that it has been reset successfully.

Repair the Xfinity Remote

Here are the steps to follow if you reset your remote and now it’s not working:

Re-program Remote With Setup Button

Step 1: Press the Setup key until the status light turns from red to green.

Step 2: Press the Xfinity button until you see a green light begin to flash. (For the XR5 and XR2 remotes, press this button up to five times.)

Step 3: Enter the pairing code “9-9-7”, and you’re done. Your remote is ready to use again.

Re-program Remote Without Setup Remote

Step 1: Press the Info and Xfinity buttons at the same time until you see a green light.

Step 2: After that, press 9-9-7 to finish the pairing process.

Re-program Remote Without Setup Buttons and Numbers

Step 1: Point the remote control at the screen and press the microphone button.

Step 2: Follow the instructions to complete the repair process.

Reset Xfinity Box

If resetting your Xfinity box does not resolve the problem, try deleting and re-downloading the remote control app.

To fix this issue, follow these steps:

Step 1: The Reset button is located on the back of your Xfinity box.

Step 2:Press and hold the Reset button for 10 seconds.

If your remote doesn’t work after the reset, try using it again. If that doesn’t work either, there is another fix you can try.

Contact Comcast Support

If your Xfinity remote is still not working after trying all the methods listed above, contact Comcast’s customer service department for help.

If your Xfinity remote isn’t working properly, it can ruin your TV-watching experience. However, there are many common fixes you can try yourself—such as replacing the battery and ensuring that you have a clear line of sight between the remote control and its receiver—to get things back to normal quickly.

If your remote stops working, call Xfinity customer service to have it fixed.

Please feel free to ask any questions below and share this information with anyone you know who might be interested.

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