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How To Send All Facebook Photos To Google Photos

Facebook photos to Google Photos

Before cloud storage services like iCloud, Google Photos, and Drive became a reality, Facebook was the place where people deposited our photos and saved them for posterity.

And we must not forget that Facebook has been part of our lives since 2006, long before smartphones and their services that make life easier existed.

Therefore, even if you do not use Facebook much at the moment, it is very possible that you still have some photos and videos on the platform that you do not want to lose.

Right now, no one conceives of Facebook as a secure storage service. Hence, the idea is to transfer all those photos and videos that you have on Facebook to a service like Google Photos.

Luckily, Facebook has launched a tool that allows you to do exactly that and here we show you how to use it. It is very easy and you can do it in a few minutes!

How to transfer all your photos and videos from Facebook to Google Photos

You can download all your Facebook photos in Google Photos from the mobile app or from the web app of the social network.

However, here we will teach you how to do it with screenshots of the Android application, although the steps and the names of the options are practically the same in all the Facebook apps.

So, whether on your mobile or PC, follow these steps to transfer your Facebook photos to Google Photos :

  • Open the Facebook app.
  • Click on the three horizontal stripes shown in the upper right corner of the app.
  • Now press on Settings and privacy and then on Settings.
  • Then go down to the Your information section on Facebook. There select the option Transfer a copy of your photos or videos.
  • For security reasons, Facebook will ask you to enter your account password.
  • Once Facebook has verified that the account belongs to you, you will have to choose the destination of your photos.

Google Photos is the only option, for now, so you don’t really have to choose anything.

What you should choose is whether you want your photos or videos to be transferred first, since you cannot choose both at the same time. You will have to repeat this whole process to download the remaining content.

  • Tap Next, and then give Facebook the necessary permission to add content to your Google Photos account.
  • Finally, tap on Confirm transfer.

Ready! Now you no longer have to do anything. Just wait for Facebook to add all your photos to your Google Photos account.

This can take a long time, especially if you have a lot of photos on Facebook. You will know that Facebook has already started making the transfer when the status of the transfer goes from “Pending” to “In progress”.

Anyway, when the transfer is finished, you will see in Google Photos several folders with the name “Copy of (name of your folders in Facebook)”

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