Dark Mode on WhatsApp? Try it out!

Do you use WhatsApp and are you tired of having to deal with the blank background that often bothers you and forces you to have to lower the brightness of your phone? We have good news because it just arrived in the beta version that can be downloaded right now. At least in the case of the Android operating system.

After the beta version, accessible to everyone, the functionality will also be available in the final version.

When does the final version arrive and how does Dark Mode activate in WhatsApp? 

We still don’t know for sure when this new feature will be launched for all WhatsApp users on Android. However, if all goes well while it is in testing, Dark Mode could arrive on the platform in a few weeks.

So, once WhatsApp is available and updated, just access settings, themes, and switch to night mode. So, as you see, there is absolutely nothing to know.

Also, if you happen to have a smartphone of those more expensive, there are other additional features that you can take advantage of. An example of this is the energy-saving mode. This is because, if you are running out of battery, WhatsApp will automatically switch to Dark Mode to consume less energy. However, this will only be available to those who have the Android 9 or higher operating system.

Not a beta tester but want to download WhatsApp with Dark Mode now? Nothing is easier, either for this or for other applications.

The process is simple. To sign up to be a beta tester for apps like Gboard, Phone, Google Search, Google Maps, and now the new Messaging app, you need to install them on your Android smartphone.

Then open the Google Play Store. Swipe right to open the menu. You can also tap the hamburger menu icon to the left of the search bar. Access the option of my applications and games.

Click the Installed tab. Then click on the name of each Google app to see the details page for each one. Swipe down and in the programmer’s contact information, you’ll be invited to become a beta tester.

Being a beta tester means that you get new features before the rest of the people. You can also provide Google with valuable feedback on the latest beta update.

On the other hand, these builds can be unstable. So, if you want to stop receiving beta versions and return to stable updates, you can too. All you need to do is navigate back to the place where you signed up to test the beta application and click on “Exit”.

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