WhatsApp Beta Receives ‘Advanced Search’ on Android

WhatsApp Beta

The WhatsApp Beta Android received the “Advanced Search” to find media conversations. Previously limited to searching for messages – when searching for terms contained in the responses – the tool now includes images, videos, GIFs, audio, documents, and links as search results.

Caught by WABetaInfo, the function was included in the Beta and updates for WhatsApp on Android. Already available for iOS for five months, the search function has been improved and starts to search for more content besides specific messages.

The “Advanced Search” mode can find media, documents, and links from a conversation’s search box or across the app. To do this, simply access the search tool, select one of the types of files expected, and search for its title.

To check, it is necessary to ensure that the messenger installed on the cell phone is properly updated; still, there is no guarantee that the feature will be available – considering that there are users with the updated app who have not yet accessed the tool.

Advanced Search

Still, it is worth mentioning that the feature may have instability, performance problems, and even bugs during the Beta. It is important to be aware of these events and report to the developers when they occur.

Furthermore, WhatsApp Beta indicates that the “Advanced Search” is close to its final stage of development and may be available in the stable version soon. There are still no dates or announcements by the company; so keep an eye out for future news and updates available on the Google Play Store.

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