WhatsApp delete photos and videos more easily

To the delight of users who receive dozens of images of “Good Morning” during the morning,  WhatsApp is developing a system that will facilitate the management of the app’s files. According to images from the messenger beta, a new solution will make it easier to delete photos and videos, directly on the platform.

The WABetaInfo website, which specializes in WhatsApp coverage, revealed that the application will receive a dedicated interface for media management. The novelty will be present within the options of data usage and storage, as indicated by images of the function in beta.

The new design will feature a bar that displays the storage space consumed by WhatsApp photos and videos. The system will bring suggestions for files that can be deleted to relieve the phone’s memory.

WhatsApp will allow you to delete photos and videos more easily

WhatsApp’s native manager also displays which files are sent inside the messenger that occupy the most storage. In addition, the app will receive a split showing which conversations are with the most files consuming memory space on the smartphone.

According to WABetaInfo, those responsible for the application have been working on the news for more than two months. Currently, file management tools are in pre-release testing and are expected to reach all users in the future.

So far, however, WhatsApp has not officially commented on the matter and has given no clues about the arrival of the function. The WABetaInfo also does not have a release date for the tools that will facilitate file management in the messaging app.

bomb messages

WhatsApp is one of the most used communication applications in the world. Therefore, it is also one of the applications that have the most problems.

The new situation is called “bomb messages” and they are not as recent as that. They are messages in “binary” that look like unsubstantiated texts, however, that end up taking the application and your smartphone to exhaustion ending up crashing (crashing) the application.

WhatsApp still has no solution for “bomb messages”

Unfortunately, there is no solution in sight for the problem. The WABetaInfo staff explains the problem in a simple way. “I raised this question a few weeks ago. My followers said this is called” Binary “,” Contact bombs “,” Lock Zap “,” Crashers “or simply message / vcard crash. It is very complicated to explain, but these messages can crash (crash) WhatsApp whenever you open the application. “

Brazil is one of the countries that is suffering from the situation

Brazil, being one of the countries where most WhatsApp users exist, is also one of the countries where this type of evil most happens. The same is true in India.

As mentioned, there is still no solution in sight. Therefore, the best way to be sure that such a message does not reach your smartphone is not to share your number without a need to do so.

WhatsApp audios from the Google assistant

Is it possible to send voice messages to your friends with the Google assistant? Yes! Google recently released this new feature for its virtual assistant. 

Now you can not only send normal messages to your friends, but you can also send voice notes. Learn how to send WhatsApp audios from Google Assistant easily. Can you come with us?

Sending voice notes by WhatsApp from the Google assistant is very easy

Surely it has happened to you: you need to answer an important message on WhatsApp but you have your hands full in the kitchen or something else and you cannot take your mobile. Until recently, you had three options: do not reply, disregard what you were doing, or dictate the message to the Google assistant to send as text.

However, Google does not stop improving its assistant, and now you can add a fourth way out to your problem: record a voice message with the assistant and send it by WhatsApp. It is a very useful function, it is a true hands-free mode and it is also very easy to use, how can you do it?

For you to send audio via WhatsApp or any other service using the Google Assistant, you just have to say the command in one of these ways:

  • “Ok Google, send an audio message to Juan saying I’m busy right now.”
  • “Ok Google, send an audio message” and it will ask who you will send it to and what the message is.
  • “Ok Google, send an audio message to Juan” and he will ask you which message to record.

In any of the three ways the command is valid, since you are using the base instruction “Ok Google, send an audio message”. After doing so, the virtual assistant will ask you through which platform you want to send the voice note. Of course, you will tell him that by WhatsApp, although you can also do it by other applications such as Google Messages.

It’s a cool and very useful feature, right? But can you use it in any language?

Sending audios from the Google assistant is not in Spanish, but you can solve it with this trick

Sending audios from the Google assistant

Not everything is perfect and now comes the bad news, although it is not so serious. Sending voice memos to your contacts is a fairly recent development, and it’s only available when you set up the assistant in English and Portuguese.

Surely soon Spanish will be added to the languages ​​available for this functionality, but for now, we have to wait. Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t send audio in Spanish. How can you do it?

  • Change the language of the Google Assistant to English.
  • Say the command in English: “Hey Google, send an audio message”.
  • Record the voice memo in Spanish and send it.

Yes, it can be annoying to have to change the language of the assistant, but it is an option if you are fluent in English. The Google assistant may not recognize the command in Spanish, but the voice memo will record it without a problem.

WhatsApp Limits The Sending Of Stickers

Do you love sending stickers to communicate with your friends? So now that animated stickers have arrived on WhatsApp, you must be celebrating. They are really fun and express what we feel with much more precision than static stickers.

However, lately, you may have noticed a small detail. Sometimes WhatsApp sends you a notification that says “This sticker could not be sent because it is too big” It’s really annoying when it happens, but why does it happen? How can you fix it?

WhatsApp is limiting the sending of very heavy animated stickers to avoid problems in the application

Thanks to information leaked by the Twitter account @WABetaInfo , we now know that WhatsApp placed a weight limit on animated stickers. From now on, no sticker can weigh more than 1 MB if you want to send it, because otherwise it will not be sent.

This measure is a bit surprising, but it is quite justified. The reason behind this decision is to prevent users from creating stickers irresponsibly. It turns out that a few days ago a user created a sticker that contained an entire movie. This caused the users who received it to spend a lot of data trying to download it, and even compromised the stability of the application on their mobiles.

So WhatsApp only wants its users to really make conscious use of this new feature. That, and avoid a crash on their servers as happened recently when they reduced the duration of WhatsApp statuses to 15 seconds.

In this way, if you now want to send an animated sticker, you will have to take care of the size of the file. And if it weighs too much, then you will receive the corresponding error notification. Is there a way to fix it? Well of course.

How to reduce the size of animated stickers in WhatsApp to avoid the error “This sticker could not be sent because it is too big”

There are two things you should know about this topic. First of all, WhatsApp does not have an official app to create stickers, and in fact, sharing personalized stickers is not something officially available. However, they don’t forbid it either, and with the right apps, you can easily create sticker packs for WhatsApp.

This brings us just to the other topic, with so many applications, it is impossible to find a specific solution to this problem. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything. These are some recommendations for you to reduce the weight of your animated stickers when creating them:

  • Design shorter stickers. This is the best recommendation we can give you since an unnecessarily long sticker will surely exceed the size limit.
  • If the app allows it, use fewer frames per second (fps) on your sticker. The animation is just a series of images that are placed sequentially to create the sensation of movement. A sticker doesn’t require 60 fps to look good, so you can go down to 24 fps, or less.
  • Reduce the number of colors you use on your sticker. Just as many paintings increase the weight of an animated sticker, each of those paintings has many shades of color also does it.
  • Use lower-quality videos as the source file. If the video you use as a source has a very high image quality, the result will surely be a heavier sticker. It is not necessary to start from a Full HD or UHD video to create a sticker.
  • Divide and conquerDo you necessarily need to send a long sticker to make sense? Then divide it into several different animated stickers so that you can send them all without a problem.

WhatsApp Beta

The WhatsApp Beta Android received the “Advanced Search” to find media conversations. Previously limited to searching for messages – when searching for terms contained in the responses – the tool now includes images, videos, GIFs, audio, documents, and links as search results.

Caught by WABetaInfo, the function was included in the Beta and updates for WhatsApp on Android. Already available for iOS for five months, the search function has been improved and starts to search for more content besides specific messages.

The “Advanced Search” mode can find media, documents, and links from a conversation’s search box or across the app. To do this, simply access the search tool, select one of the types of files expected, and search for its title.

To check, it is necessary to ensure that the messenger installed on the cell phone is properly updated; still, there is no guarantee that the feature will be available – considering that there are users with the updated app who have not yet accessed the tool.

Advanced Search

Still, it is worth mentioning that the feature may have instability, performance problems, and even bugs during the Beta. It is important to be aware of these events and report to the developers when they occur.

Furthermore, WhatsApp Beta indicates that the “Advanced Search” is close to its final stage of development and may be available in the stable version soon. There are still no dates or announcements by the company; so keep an eye out for future news and updates available on the Google Play Store.

Are you one of those who uses an alternative version of WhatsApp? If so, let me tell you that not everything is rosy, because you could be nothing to be banned by the official WhatsApp app and lose the opportunity to continue communicating through it.

This is why today we bring you a small tutorial that will explain how to migrate from GB WhatsApp or WhatsApp Plus to the official app.

We know that there are several alternative WhatsApp MODs, and even if they are striking for what they offer, it will always be good to ask yourself, is it really safe to use this version? 

One of the most recent examples of these MODs (or alternative versions) is WhatsApp Plus Reborn, what are their differences from the original version? Here we explain it to you.

What do you have to do to return from GB WhatsApp or WhatsApp Plus to the official app?

Migrate From GB WhatsApp

GB WhatsApp or WhatsApp Plus are alternative versions of the official WhatsApp app that offer you things that the latter does not have. Some of them can be:

  • Move your chats from one mobile to another.
  • Delete the “online” display.
  • View deleted messages and states.

However, WhatsApp considers that these versions are not secure because it is not possible to validate their security practices. In addition, they violate the application’s terms of service.

This is why WhatsApp has decided to suspend/ban all those people who are using some of these alternative versions of the application. However, they have explained that the suspension will come as follows:

  • Prior notice for the detection of the use of a WhatsApp MOD.
  • Temporary suspension in case of continuing to use the MOD.
  • Permanent suspension in case of continuing to use the MOD.

Steps to follow to return from GB WhatsApp or WhatsApp Plus to the official app

If you are in GB WhatsApp you just have to follow the following steps :

  • Open the app.
  • Click on Settings.
  • Click on Chats.
  • Click on Backup.

Once you have done this, you have to do one last fundamental thing to ensure the information of your contacts and conversations:

  • Go to the Settings option on your mobile.
  • Tap Storage.
  • Click on Files.
  • Find the GB WhatsApp folder and touch and hold to select it.
  • Go to the upper right corner and tap on More.
  • Then click on Rename
  • Finally, change the name of the folder to “WhatsApp”.

WhatsApp Plus

In WhatsApp Plus the thing is much easier, just repeat the steps to make a backup and that’s it.

When you have completed all the steps, regardless of the MOD, you must delete the alternative version and install the official version of WhatsApp.

When you download it and open it, follow the steps indicated by the app and you will be able to download all the information you saved with the backup.

As you can see, it is very easy to avoid banning your WhatsApp account by going back to the official version of the application. If you have any questions, please let us know in the comments.

And if you are still thinking about whether to return to the official app or not, for the benefits that MODs offer you, keep in mind that WhatsApp is one step away from being able to be used on several phones at the same time.

So, better opt for your security and let WhatsApp take care of the benefits, as they are gradually improving the application.

Multiple Devices

One of the important features that we impatiently expected to see coming to WhatsApp is the option to use the same account on multiple devices. New information coming from the WhatsApp source of choice of secrets, WABetaInfo confirms that WhatsApp is testing this new feature that allows users to have the same WhatsApp account on up to four devices.

WhatsApp is testing new features constantly and generally goes public before launch. One of the important features that we impatiently expected to see coming to WhatsApp is the option to use the same account on multiple devices.

A new piece of information from the WhatsApp source of choice of secrets, WABetaInfo confirms that WhatsApp is testing this new feature that allows users to have the same WhatsApp account on up to four devices.

In that sense, we will have a new user interface that will manage all devices on your WhatsApp account.

The new user interface is intended to allow users to add new devices to their WhatsApp account or remove them if necessary.

To add new devices to the WhatsApp account, the user must use a code that will be sent via SMS or WhatsApp Chat.

The new option to add multiple devices to the same WhatsApp Account is not yet available in any of the beta versions of the application, but the new device user interface shows that it is coming soon.

WhatsApp without the verification code

Through this tutorial, we see how to activate WhatsApp without the verification code. Whatsapp has become one of the most popular messaging platforms in the world. Currently, millions of people use this medium to communicate.

That’s why it continually performs various updates to provide better service and security to your community. In the latest versions, it has developed a new verification method.

When you download this social network and perform all the procedures that are required of you, you receive a text message with a six-digit verification code on the mobile phone number entered.

This to confirm the installation and also to confirm that the smartphone is owned by you and then be able to sync your contacts. However, some people prefer to skip this option and look for other alternatives.

Usually, it happens that sometimes for different reasons, we do not have the device or the SIM card at hand, and we cannot insert the pin that is sent. But this can be solved; now you can activate your WhatsApp app without having to verify the number with a trick which we reveal below.

We also explain how to verify your account through the different methods it offers and how to do it if you don’t have a phone.

How to activate WhatsApp without the verification code?

Maybe you wondered if there is a way to activate this platform without being asked to enter the confirmation pin. The answer is yes. As on many platforms, there is a way to skip this procedure. Follow these steps and discover one of the most common and effective ways to do it.

Verify-in two steps

If you have already downloaded the application on your mobile e you don’t want to have this kind of inconvenience in the future when you verify your account with the pin, do the following before it works:

  • Make a backup with your Google Account associated with this social network.
  • Go to the menu “Settings”> “Account” > “Two-step verification” and follow the instructions they show you.
  • After that, you will forget about verification via code sent by WhatsApp in the future.

With this six-digit code that will be your password for the mobile messaging app, you can activate chats (related to your phone number) on another mobile phone if you wish. It functions as an optional email account, which will serve to disable verification.

How to activate WhatsApp without the verification code via email

If you are installing the application e you do not have the security pin reception mode to identify your account, follow these steps to know how to do it. This way, you will avoid waiting for the confirmation message:

  • Once you have downloaded the social network and accepted the conditions of use, place your smartphone in “Flight mode” or “Offline profile” and activate only WiFi.
  • With WiFi activated, open the app and enter your mobile number.
  • You can add your number or any other in any case you will not receive any SMS.

Since you will not be able to receive any messages or calls, you will be asked to check it alternatively. That is, from the associated email address to your account.

  • Enter your email and accept it. In the end, before the action run and the process ends, click Cancel.
  • Go to the inbox. There the data for verification will be sent to you. Copy and go back to the app.
  • Enter the copied code where it is required. In this way, you will have activated the platform without using your mobile number.

Automatic verification via SMS

When you download the app, it asks you to enter your phone number. Subsequently, they will send you a code via SMS, which will be applied automatically, and then WhatsApp will verify that you are the owner of the line that you have affiliated with the account. This is the easiest way to activate the application on your smartphone.

If it is an old account with a backup, all the contacts it contains will be automatically registered, allowing you to easily migrate your data.

Verification of the number per call

Sometimes users have difficulty receiving the confirmation pin that is sent via SMS. In general, this platform offers other alternative options so that you can receive it, one of which requires a call. Can activate WhatsApp without using the verification code in this way. The most essential thing in this part is to enter the number correctly, with the respective country code where you are. The steps are as follows:

  • After accepting the network policies, enter your phone number with the separate area code according to the country in which you are located.
  • Select the option “Receive the tick for the call” and wait.
  • After a few minutes, the WhatsApp voice operator will call you and will indicate the code.
  • Enter it, and this will activate your instant messaging chat.

Verification of the number without a SIM card

If for some reason, you don’t have a phone line and want to use WhatsApp, you can do it. Since there are many pages that allow you to create and use numbers practically, but for this, you need to download an application.

In this case, one of these is TextNow, a tool that helps you make calls and send text messages, completely free. All you have to do to use it is to create your user account. With this, it is possible to install WhatsApp without a SIM card, only an internet connection would be needed and follow these steps:

  • Download the platform via Play Store or Apple Store.
  • Once installed, you will be given an SMS number, which you will have to use to insert “Wassap” without a SIM card.
  • Enter the phone number provided by the application and wait until a confirmation message is displayed via « SMS failed. “
  • This is done so that you can choose to run the verification process with a call. Tap this option, and you will receive a call to the TextNow number.
  • When the operator indicates the code, enter it, and you will be able to access it.

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Hide WhatsApp Profile Photo

So you want to know how to hide the WhatsApp profile photo from contact without blocking it? One of the advantages of Whatsapp is that it allows you to protect your profile picture from other contacts without having to block them, which can sometimes be very useful.

Do you want to know how to hide the WhatsApp profile photo from contact without blocking it? Read on and take note of the steps to do it correctly. WhatsApp is the default messaging application for millions of people around the world, as its features are undoubtedly exciting.

Steps to hide the WhatsApp profile photo from contact without blocking it

  1. The first thing you need to do is open the application as you usually do.
  2. Go to the “Settings” section, and from there, select “Account”.
  3. Choose “Privacy”, from the various options displayed, select “Profile image”.
  4. In this section, “Profile picture,” you can configure it so that only your contacts, anyone, or anyone can see it. And now everyone except the people you choose.
  5. Choose “Contacts only” and go to the section where you have all your chats.
  6. Open a chat, if you haven’t already, with the person you want to prevent from seeing your profile photos. Click on their name to access “Contact Information”.
  7. Once inside that contact’s information, select “Edit” and at the end of everything, you will see the option “Delete contact”. Choose this option, confirm that you want to delete it, and that person will no longer be able to see the WhatsApp profile photo since it will not be in your contacts.
  8. In this way, you have not blocked it and will be able to continue sending you messages, but will not see your profile photos.
  9. When you want to “revoke the punishment”, add it again, and he will be able to review your photos.

As you can see, being able to hide the WhatsApp profile photo from contact without blocking it is very simple.

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automatic reply messages on WhatsApp
Automatic Reply Messages On Whatsapp

It happens to all of us, we are busy, and we cannot write on WhatsApp at that time, so it can happen that we do not reply to important messages. If you want your contacts to receive an automatic reply in these cases, in this guide, we explain how to configure and create automatic reply messages.

When you call a cell phone, and its owner is not available, sometimes we run into the answering machine, a tool that was very useful when there were only landlines but that we continue to use today, especially for professional use.

However, the instant messaging apps we use on our mobile devices, such as WhatsApp, Messenger, Snapchat, or Telegram, to name a few, don’t have an answering machine or anything like that.

Focusing on WhatsApp, the most popular app in the world to communicate with friends, family, acquaintances, colleagues, and customers, it does not have an absent mode or an answering machine. We find it in the professional version, WhatsApp Business, but to use it, you need a professional account, not the personal one we all have access to.

WhatsApp Business is the corporate version of WhatsApp, although nothing prevents you from creating an account with your phone number despite not being a business. Among the additional functions of WhatsApp Business, which are not in the normal WhatsApp version, there are welcome messages and absence messages, the same that will be manually configured for automatic replies.

The standard version of WhatsApp doesn’t include support for automatic replies, but third-party developers have managed to achieve something similar.

How to create automatic reply messages on WhatsApp

There are many applications in the Play Store designed to take advantage of WhatsApp. One of these is WhatsAuto, indicated for automatic replies. The operation is the same as other applications with an automated response, such as Gmail: its use is very simple.

When you download WhatsAuto, certain permissions must be granted for it to work without this posing privacy risks in addition to the fact that the application accesses message notifications.

WhatsAuto is free to download. There are purchases and advertisements within the application, but they do not prevent the use of automatic replies.

WhatsAuto offers some options when creating these automatic replies to be used on WhatsApp. In addition, it also works with other messaging applications, such as Telegram.

One of the features of WhatsAuto is that it allows you to create a generic auto-reply message. If you wish, you can also choose which people will receive automatic replies when the application is active. In this way, only the most important contacts will be aware of your absence.

There is another function of interest in WhatsAuto: it is the so-called personalized answer. Thanks to it, automatic replies can be customized when specific text is received, even when a message containing certain words is received.

In the personalized answer, you can choose between Exact match (send an automatic reply when a specific message is received) or It Contains (automatic reply if the message contains some words that have been mentioned). It is an additional setting that makes WhatsAuto more customizable.

How to create automatic replies with WhatsAuto

After the presentation of the main functions of the application, it’s time to create automatic replies to be used on WhatsApp. Once you’ve opened the app and given the necessary permissions, it’s time to set up the app.

The app interface doesn’t present too many complications, with three sections at the top. To create automatic replies, you must enter Home, the first of them.

Once activated L’auto reply option, the application allows the user to choose how he wants to create this answer. There are numerous predefined texts in the app, which are typical generic response messages. The application also allows you to write your own personalized text.

When the text to be used has been configured, go to the contacts section. In it, you can choose which contacts will receive an automatic reply when they send messages via WhatsApp.

Once you’ve chosen your contacts, the process ends. Therefore, when a message is received on WhatsApp, an automatic reply will be returned to the contact you wrote. If you select “All,” the default answers will reach all those who write to you.

It is perfect for when the holidays arrive when driving or for any other reason why it is not possible to answer at the moment: with an automatic response, the contacts will be more relaxed.