Xiaomi Mi Band 3, Mi Band 4, Mi Band 4C and Mi Band 5: the best apps to use

Mi Band 5 the best apps to use

When it comes to competing, Xiaomi wants to be in any existing ring in this huge technological war and so do we, so we bring you here the best apps for the Xiaomi Mi Band 3, Mi Band 4, and Mi Band 5.

After the popularity and impact that Xiaomi caused with the Mi Band 2, the most natural thing was for them to follow the chain, launching the Mi Band 3, Mi Band 4, Mi Band 4C, and Mi Band 5 respectively.

These are smart bracelets that have been around the wearables market for some time, which have had a great reception in the arms of fans and a great performance as technological devices. Its low cost in contrast to its high performance makes it an easily acquired product that users appreciate.

Why a Xiaomi Mi band without the correct applications?

One of the things that makes smart bracelets smart is precisely their applications. We know that the Xiaomi Mi Band can have the function of being mini health monitors, helping you avoid a sedentary lifestyle and the diseases associated with it, in addition to giving the time, of course.

In case you have bought one of these bracelets or are thinking of buying one, stay because we are going to show you a list of applications that will make its functions much more useful as well as being able to offer you more options and uses that the Mi Fit app does not add.

1. Notify & fitness pro (or free)

Although on the Mi Band you can count on the official Mi Fit application which is quite good, some users comment that it may fall short in some aspects in which the Notify & fitness app can excel.

Notify & fitness is possibly the most complete application, that is why it deserves to be among the best apps for the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 and 4 and 5.

With this app, you can receive notifications, even WhatsApp notifications. Every time you receive a notification, the Xiaomi Mi Band will notify you through vibrations and with a personalized color blink; this will make it much more difficult for you to miss an important call or message.

In addition to this, it has the following features in its free version :

  • GPS indications.
  • Task settings.
  • Alarm clock: uses vibrations that can be customized in the pro version of the app.
  • Graphs with the data that you collect daily from the bracelet. Not only from physical activity in waking mode but also from data obtained during sleep. All this thanks to its sensors, with which it can know if the quality of your sleep is optimal or not and inform you.
  • Firmware update.

Download from Play Store.

2. Google Maps for Mi Band 3, Mi Band 4 and Mi Band 5

With this app, you can receive maps and routes from Google maps. Navigating to any destination with Google Maps instructions is now also possible through the smart bracelet and smartwatch of the Chinese company, thanks to the recent development of the Mi Band Maps application.

It is very useful especially for people who take long walks to improve their health. It has a rating of 4.2 in the Play Store. It should be noted that the application is not free, but it is worth paying for its performance.

For the operation of this app, it is necessary to have My Fit or Notify & fitness. Synchronize the wearable and enable Mi Band Maps notifications and open Google Maps. In this way, you will receive the directions from Google Maps and take advantage of its routes through the Amazfit Bip, Mi Band 3, Mi Band 4, and Mi Band 5. A very interesting app that is worth paying if you are going to use it.

Download from Play Store.

3. Alert Bridge

Alert Bridge

If you are looking for a way to fully customize your notifications, installing Alert Bridget is the most efficient way to do it. With this application, you will be able to have at your disposal most complete notification manager without the need to acquire a higher-priced wearable.

One of its most notable features is the preview of the complete content of the message that accompanies the notification, which is quite useful if you do not have your smartphone at hand at some point.

Download from Play Store.

4. GadgetBridge

It is one of the best applications for the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 and Mi Band 4, and any other wearable you have, being compatible with several existing on the market.


It is another app that competes with Mi Fit. It is developed by third parties and is not in the Play Store (or at least not as a stable version). It takes up less space than the official Mi Fit application, is open source, and does not contain advertising.

Its great configuration options make it one of the best options to consider.

Download GadgetBridge for Xiaomi Mi Band

One of the biggest novelties of the Mi Band 4, Mi Band 4C, and Mi Band 5 is the incorporation of the color screen. This allows us to personalize the Home of our bracelet.


An application is very similar to Notify and Fitness that we have seen before, although it offers some additional options related to notifications of the applications and incoming calls and messages. It also offers the possibility of setting reminders, selective notification filters, and monitoring our sleep in a more advanced way.

Download TOOLS & MI BAND

6. WatchFace for Xiaomi Mi Band 4 and Mi Band 5

Until now, the process of changing the watch face (customizing the main screen) was a somewhat tedious process for many users. Now thanks to an application we can forget to deal with files and folders and we can do the task easily thanks to this app.

WatchFace for Xiaomi Mi Band

The MiBand4 application – WatchFace for Xiaomi Mi Band 4 arrives to make the change of appearance of the Mi Band 4 very simple and that with a couple of touches on the screen we have a new appearance on our Mi Band 4 and 5. The app is free and so we will have to see the odd ad.

  1. The first thing to do is to download the app from this link to the Google Play Store.
  2. Open the app and find the watch faces that you like the most. We can visualize all the information and language of the fact that we like the most.
  3. Now that you have seen all of them and you know which ones you like the most, click on the Install button. The downloads made can be quickly located in the official Xiaomi app, Mi Fit.
  4. Now click on the Open Mi Fit button and the Xiaomi app will open immediately.
  5. In the Mi Fit app, click on Screen Settings and you will see the My bracelet screen option.
  6. Now choose one of the downloaded watch faces and select it. Now sync the Mi Band 4 with your smartphone. Now the watch face should be shown on your brand new Mi Band.

As you can see, it is easy to use this app that will allow us to install new appearances on the Mi Band 4 and Mi Band 5 without dealing with changing files between folders.

7.Google Fit

Google Fit incorporates the option to generate statistics of our most recent activities. It also offers us the possibility of entering our data (weight and height), so that it can calculate the kilocalories that we lose when doing some physical activity. Google Fit automatically counts the steps we take throughout the day, and even knows how to differentiate when we run.

In an application of this type, you cannot miss apart from registering our activity after training, that it will be recording it, and counting all the data while we are training. After training Google will inform us in detail of the physical activity that we have done previously.

Download Google Fit

Don’t have your Xiaomi Mi Band? What are you waiting for?

Thanks to its low-cost price and good performance, the Xiaomi Mi Band 3, Mi Band 4, 4C, and Mi Band 5 have become a great option in the wearables market.

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