How To Use TikTok If Banned in Your Country

use TikTok in banned country

Trump Signs Order To Ban TikTok And WeChat In U.S. Are you in a country where TikTok is prohibited? Or, are you afraid that your country will ban TikTok and you can no longer use it? Our answer to these questions is: don’t worry! It is possible to use TikTok, as well as any other app, in countries where it has been prohibited.

Can TikTok be used if it has been banned in your country

Although the prohibition of a certain app or service denies access to anyone who is within the country where the block has been carried out, it is possible to continue accessing it without too many problems.

Countries like China and Cuba, to name just a few, banned access to hundreds of apps and web pages, but this has not made their residents unable to access those blocked tools or websites. The solution to this type of prohibition is very simple: use a VPN on Android, or on a PC.

How to download and use a VPN on Android

download and use a VPN on Android

Although many think that using a VPN is complicated, reality shows the opposite. Downloading and using a VPN on an Android mobile is extremely simple, you only need to download and run the app on the mobile from which you want to access the blocked app or website.

For this tutorial, we will use the secure VPN service, a very simple app to configure that will allow you to use TikTok if it has been banned in your country. You can download this app from the link below.

Secure VPN

How to use TikTok in a country where it is prohibited?

use TikTok in a country where it is prohibited

Having downloaded and installed a VPN for Android, you must follow all these steps so that you can use TikTok in a country where the use of this app is prohibited:

  • The first thing you should do is open the VPN. Within it, you must click on “Auto”.
  • Select a country where the use of TikTok is not prohibited.
  • Once the country is selected, the VPN will connect to the servers located in that location and all the information you send will go through that location first.
  • If you have done everything correctly when you open TikTok you will be able to see the videos of other users, make comments and upload your own creations to the platform.

Lastly, it is important to mention that using a VPN on Android phones is totally legal. In addition, it is not necessary to have TikTok installed on your mobile to be able to watch videos in countries where it has been prohibited.

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