Xiaomi updates

Finally, Xiaomi has the new version of Mi Fit, an update awaited by all those who have ended up buying the Xiaomi Mi Band 5, which, as might be expected, brings with it new functionalities, expanding the possibilities of the bracelet itself.

In detail, we talk about Mi Fit 4.4.0, a new version of just over 100MB that we can now download manually

 and that will soon be available in the main application stores, both Android and iOS.

This new update of Mi Fit not only brings with it an improvement in the operation of the application itself but also makes the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 able to intelligently detect when we are walking or running.

Detect activity, new functionality for the Xiaomi Mi Band 5

In detail, this new functionality has been baptized as ” Detect activity “, it is available in the Xiaomi Mi Band 5’s settings and by default, it is disabled so we will have to activate it once we have updated Mi Fit.

After that, the Xiaomi Mi band 5 will be able to detect when we are walking or running, immediately warning us so that we can activate the recognition of the most appropriate sport for our current activity.

With this, the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 becomes even smarter, preventing us from forgetting to activate the activity recognition mode just before starting our sports routine.

An addition that is also completed with new available languages and other settings such as the possibility of avoiding the edition of spheres by holding down the screen.