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What To Do if Huawei Phone Battery Drains Quickly

What To Do if Huawei Phone Battery Drains Quickly

What To Do if Huawei Phone Battery Drains Quickly

The waiting time of a cell phone is related to the battery capacity and the usage habits of the cell phone. The higher the battery capacity, the longer the phone waits. Mobile phones with similar battery capacity vary in power consumption depending on usage habits.

High energy consumption situations:

  • Complicated applications: Using gaming applications, for example, consumes more battery than watching videos. Listening to music consumes even less battery.

  • Running several applications in the background.

  • High volume or the bright screen.

  • Certain functions enabled, such as application reminders, GPS tracking, high resolution, and high frame rate settings.

  • In areas with poor signal reception, where the phone often looks for a better network, more energy is consumed.

How to extend battery life?

  1. Swipe down on the phone’s status bar to open the notification panel, then dim the screen.
  2. Go to the recent tasks screen and close applications running in the background.

You can check applications running in the background by swiping left or right on them. Slide up on unnecessary applications to close them.

  1. You can adjust application settings to reduce power consumption, such as reducing the volume or disabling power-consuming features such as high frame rate, high resolution, and the GPS service.
  2. Delete unnecessary applications running in the background by clicking on an icon to delete recent tasks on the screen.
  3. Go to and activate the switches for essential applications only.
  4. If the screen is too bright or if the resolution is too high, this will also quickly drain the battery. You can accessor to activate options and Intelligent resolution .
  5. Activate a power-saving mode, such as Performance ModePower Saving Mode or power ultrapoupança mode. You can also experiment Optimize energy consumption.

If the problem persists, create a backup copy of your data and take the device, with the respective proof of purchase, to a Repair Center authorized by Huawei for assistance.

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