It was more than a month ago that Samsung launched the Galaxy Fold, its first foldable smartphone introduced in February.

This equipment is prohibitive for both its price and reduced availability. But the wallpapers can be yours.

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Download and use your original wallpapers.

Download Galaxy Fold Official Wallpapers

As we saw during the presentation of the phone, Galaxy Fold wallpapers take advantage of the phone’s flexible OLED panel with pure black backgrounds. In total, four different pairs are included, all of them with a  butterfly of different colors, which will be displayed only when the phone screen is opened and Fold is being used in “tablet mode”.

When closing the phone, the butterfly closes its wings and only allows you to see a note of the same color. In the gallery below you can see the four backgrounds that are included, each intended for one of the different color versions in which the Galaxy Fold will be available as soon as it hits the market.

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Along with the static images, they also shared animated video wallpapers, which can be used on any smartphone as wallpaper with an application such as Video Live Wallpaper.

In the Google Drive folder below these lines, you can download each of the animated wallpapers from the Galaxy Fold.


The arrival of the Galaxy Fold is scheduled for the end of next April and, as we know, at a price of 1,980 euros. Samsung will have to face  Huawei and its Mate X, a model perhaps more spectacular than the Fold, but also much more expensive.

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