As with any other electronic device, you are keeping your Nintendo Switch up to date is essential to making the most of its potential. This way you can not only optimize performance but also avoid bugs and other similar problems that are fixed with firmware updates.

The same goes for Joy-Con, Nintendo’s console controllers, even if this peripheral update is slightly different from the Switch. Here’s how to perform this update and get the JoyCons updated to the latest firmware version available.

update your Nintendo Switch Joy-Con


How to update the Joy-Con of the Switch

To update your Nintendo Switch joysticks follow these steps:

  • from the main menu of your Nintendo Switch go to System Settings at the bottom of the screen;
  • within the System Settings, scroll down the options on the left side until you find Controllers and Sensors ;
  • scroll down until you find Update Controller and select this item;

At this point, Nintendo Switch will begin updating any Joy-Con connected to the console itself. It is important to note that your controllers are plugged into the Switch console to be updated.

Please note: Using the Nintendo Switch system settings is also a useful way to ensure that all eligible features of your Nintendo Switch console are up to date.

Always make sure your Nintendo Switch is up to date

Now with your Joy-Cons updated and ready to use, you can make sure that both your console and its controllers are up to date.

In terms of troubleshooting, taking care that your device is running with the latest software helps to limit the number of possible bugs and issues you may encounter with your Nintendo Switch and its controls. If you are still experiencing issues on a console of this type


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