Factory Reset Nintendo Switch – 3 Easy Ways

If you’re having an issue with your Nintendo Switch, then doing a factory reset might be your best choice at this point. Read on to figure out which way of resetting is ideal for you.

Your Nintendo Switch could be easily restored in one of three ways: a Factory Reset, a Hard Reset, or a Soft Reset. The type of issue you are facing will define which reset option you should try first.

below we show you how to do each type of reset and which one is best for you. But before you make up your mind to do it we recommend you simply clear the cache of your Switch.

Reasons Why Nintendo Switch Reset Might Be Necessary

Factory Reset Nintendo Switch

Although resetting your Nintendo Switch is an effective way to deal with software issues, before resetting your console, you might want to double-check the most common issues that happen on the Nintendo Switch and try to resolve any problems that you find.

If the situation continues, try one of these three reset methods.

  1. If your console is mostly working but you are having software problems, such as your console not being able to read or load games, a Soft Reset is most likely the best option for you at this point.
  2. However, if a Soft Reset does not work, or if you want to Reset your console, you must Factory Reset it. This will clear any and all data stored on your Switch, return it to a state where it may be resold, and reset any software.
  3. In end, if your console is suffering an issue that makes it hard to navigate the system or if you want to save the data that you have saved, you can try performing a Hard Reset by turning your Nintendo Switch into Recovery Mode.

Now that each type of reset has been described, let’s have a look at how to perform each kind of reset.

1. How to Soft Reset Your Nintendo Switch

Follow these steps to Soft Reset your Nintendo Switch console and try to resolve major software issues:

  • For 10 to 15 seconds, hold down the Power button on the top of your Nintendo Switch console to turn it off.
  • Once your console has been completely switched off, wait a while and then push the Power Switch again.
  • The Nintendo Switch device will then restart and the reset will be complete.

Holding down the Power button for ten to fifteen seconds tells your console to clear any unnecessary data that might be causing software issues. Soft resetting your Nintendo Switch might look like a simple restart, but it actually signals the console to clear any data that might be causing those problems.

2. How to Factory Reset Your Nintendo Switch

If a Soft Reset does not fix your problem, or if you want to Factory Reset your console or completely erase all data, you may need to try a Factory Reset.

  • Follow these instructions to factory reset your Nintendo Switch:
  • Select System Settings from the toolbar that appears at the bottom of the main menu on your Nintendo Switch.
  • Pick System from the list of tabs that are displayed on the left.
  • Formatting Choices can be found at the very bottom of the System options, so scroll down till you reach it and then click it.

Factory Reset Your Nintendo Switch

  • Move down the list of options and click on “Restore Factory Settings.”

Restore Factory Settings

  • After that, the console will notify you that all of your data will be wiped clean if you continue. To proceed, use the Next button.

If you did everything right, your console will then delete your accounts and start to wipe all of its data.

3. How to Hard Reset Your Nintendo Switch

Lastly, you can try a Hard Reset if you can’t get into your Nintendo Switch console or an imbalance tells you to reset it but you want to keep your saved data.

Follow these steps to perform a Hard Reset on your Nintendo Switch.

  • Make sure to turn off your console.
    • Keep your finger on the Power button while also pressing and holding the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons simultaneously.
  • After that, your console should start up in the Recovery Mode. You have the option to either Update the System, Restore Factory Settings Without Deleting Save Data, or Restore Factory Settings from this screen.
  • To Hard Reset your console, select Restore Factory Settings Without Deleting Save Data or Restore Factory Settings.


  • When you choose not to remove your saved data, your console will reset and restart with all of its settings reset to their factory defaults.

Keep Your Nintendo Switch Problem-Free

Learning how to perform a choice of resets on your Nintendo Switch is a wonderful way to solve issues and ensure that your console is in good working condition.

Keeping your Nintendo Switch updated and knowing how to use its system settings could help you make it work better for you and keep it in good shape.

Knowing the console’s shortcuts for changing its different parameters can increase its utility and make it more convenient to use.

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