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The 3 most attractive WhatsApp alternatives to migrating

WhatsApp alternatives

Are you also thinking of leaving WhatsApp and switching to another messenger? We understand you. It is worrying that WhatsApp now forces us to share some personal data with Facebook to continue using the app. Of course, WhatsApp has already explained that messages between friends and family will remain private, but not the conversations you have with businesses.

So, if you don’t want Facebook to read your chats, you shouldn’t worry too much about the new privacy policies. Now, if you are going to continue using WhatsApp, you will have to share your IP address, your phone number, your profile name, and other information with Facebook (which you probably already found with your Facebook account). Don’t you want to give Facebook this information? Then you should find another messaging app before February 8, 2021.

Fortunately, the app stores are full of great messaging apps, although not all of them can replace WhatsApp. And it is that the quality of this type of application depends largely on the number of users they have and who trust it. Here we have compiled 3 applications that, from the above, have the potential to take WhatsApp users away and are excellent alternatives.

Telegram does not stop growing based on great and innovative functions.


For a long time, at Androidphoria we have recommended Telegram as the best alternative to WhatsApp. And it is a much more complete application than WhatsApp in terms of functions and has a brutal level of customization. Also, in recent years we have not heard much news of privacy problems in Telegram, as it is an app that cares about the confidentiality of its users with end-to-end encryption, messages that self-destruct, etc.

For this reason, Telegram has not stopped growing lately, especially now that it has been the app that has benefited the most from WhatsApp’s new privacy policies. Its user base is huge right now and possibly almost all of your friends and family already have it on their mobiles, so you have no excuse to use it. If you are interested, in this article we present the advantages and disadvantages of migrating from WhatsApp to Telegram.

Of course, we cannot stop saying that Telegram also has its murky things such as its function that reveals your exact location,  piracy, the DeepNude bot, the problems of extortion, and stolen IDs, among others. After all, being a platform that protects both the privacy of its users, Telegram lends itself to some people managing illegal activities on it.

Signal, the safest of all, recommended by Elon Musk and Edward Snowden


The signal is surely the app that offers the greatest data protection to its users. In fact, it became famous because it is the application used by Edward Snowden, the young man who revealed the massive espionage of the United States working for the NSA. Also, it was recently recommended by Elon Musk who is currently the richest man in the world.

If such important people whose personal information is in the sights of many advise us to use Signal, there is no doubt that the app is really safe. It’s worth saying that Signal offers a similar feature set to its competitors, such as end-to-end encryption, but with one big difference – the app itself is open source.

That means that everyone can see how the app is made, which makes it impossible for developers to leave back doors where people’s data or messages are leaked. The only bad thing about Signal is that there aren’t many people using it right now. It is the application with the fewest users of the three presented in this list, unfortunately, although these days, its users have increased more than 4000%.

WeChat, the Chinese WhatsApp also continues to grow strongly


In China, WhatsApp is not a widely used application by people. There, the app that almost everyone uses to chat is WeChat. Hence, this messaging app has more users than Telegram and almost as many as WhatsApp. Of course, on this side of the world, WeChat is not well known and few people consider it as an alternative.

Surely this is because he comes from a country where the government has control of everything and it is known that it can censor and even spy on what is spoken by this application. Anyway, the cool thing about WeChat is that it offers a great ecosystem of features and mini-apps where you can buy things, order a taxi, transfer money, and do other things without leaving WeChat.

Also, this application is owned by Tencent, the same owners of Fortnite, League of Legends, and many other games and companies that dominate world entertainment.

There are other applications that WhatsApp users could take with them, such as LINE, which is the most used in Japan by far. However, we believe that only these three have the potential to dethrone WhatsApp as the most used messaging app globally by the companies and personalities that support them and their solid growing user base.

Anyway, tell us… Do you think any of these apps will surpass WhatsApp in popularity in the coming years?

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