Samsung Galaxy S10 Series Beta Updat

Samsung Galaxy S10 Series Beta Update With Many Bug Fixes

Samsung will release the Galaxy S10 beta in a few days to fix bugs related to the Bluetooth modem, volume control panel, and status bar. Today, the company released a new beta for the S10 lineup with over a dozen bug fixes.

The new firmware fixes problems related to rebooting the device, turning on the display constantly, moving files, freezing Wi-Fi and noise from the Bluetooth headset. You can check the screenshot below for a complete list of bug fixes.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Series Beta Updat
This update weighs between 130 and 200 MB and is currently sent to unlocked devices in the US and South Korea with version numbers G97 * U1UEU2ZSKL and G97 * NKSU3ZSKL, respectively.

If you are registered in a beta program, you can download this assembly by going to  Settings >  Software Update on your device.