Pokémon GO May Update Brings Lots Of Changes

Pokémon GO May Update

Taking advantage of the fact that May is just around the corner, Niantic has announced everything new that is to come in Pokémon Go, which is not a small thing. In fact, Pokémon Go fans will be more than satisfied with all the news this month, mainly due to the new Throwback challenge, or retro challenge.

Pokémon GO May Update Brings Lots Of Changes

So, if you are bored at home, keep an eye on everything that comes in Pokémon Go because without a doubt you will have many hours of entertainment.

All the news from the Pokemon Go Throwback Challenge in May 2020


Niantic Support


Trainers, research was released to some Trainers ahead of schedule. The event details will be released in the near future, meanwhile Trainers who received this research can complete it now but won’t receive it again. Sorry for the confusion!

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