How to Pair M26 Plus Smartwatch using Wearfit Pro

M26 Plus Smartwatch using Wearfit Pro

Check this tutorial, you will find the entire procedure to connect and synchronize the smartwatch M26 Plus with your smartphone. Learn how to set up the app and pair the watch via your phone’s Bluetooth.

The procedure for connecting the smartwatch M26 Plus with the cell phone will be divided into two steps :

  • In the first one, the smartwatch connection will be made through the app, allowing it to receive notifications from the apps, SMS, etc.
  • In the second step, we will make the connection through the phone’s Bluetooth so that the watch makes and answers phone calls.

Step 1: Connecting the M26 Plus through the app

  1. Before you start, make sure your Bluetooth and Cellular Location are turned on.
  2. Download and install Wearfit Pro on your mobile. You can use the QR code (printed in the manual) or download it from the Play Store.
  3. Open the app, tap “ accept ” to adhere to the terms and then click “ OPEN WEARFIT PRO ”.


4. In the short tutorial displayed, swipe left a few times and tap “ CONNECT “.


5. On the login screen, enter your account information and tap “Login”. If you don’t have one, tap “ Register ” and follow the instructions.

Note: An account activation code will be sent to the registered email, so please use one that is in use.


6 . In the pop-up window that opens, tap “ On ” to enable sending messages. Then, in the tab “Access to notifications”, enable the option key “ Wearfit Pro ” and click “ Allow ”.

enable sending messages

. Go back to the screen and enable the permissions as described in the images:

  • Check the 2nd option (Consumer protection…) and tap “ ON ” on the next screen.
  • Go back to the previous screen and check the same option.
  • Repeat the same steps to also enable the 1st option (Enable autostart…).

8. After all the options are properly checked, click on the “ I CALLED ” button.

9. While still in the application, click on the Equipment tab (located at the bottom of the screen). On the next screen, click “ Add Device ” and confirm by clicking “ Allow ”.

10. In the search result, look for “ M26 PLUS ” and tap the arrow on the side. Wait for device pairing.

Add Device

11. After pairing is successfully established, click “ run ” below. In the other pop-up window, tap “ I know ” to complete the process.

“ I know

12. If the procedure was done correctly, the connection status will appear below the watch name.

connected status

Step 2: Connecting the M26 Plus via cell phone Bluetooth

Follow the steps in this step if you want to configure the M26 Plus to make and receive phone calls.

1. On the smartwatch, swipe the screen down and check that the Bluetooth (phone icon) is green (enabled). If not, tap to activate.

Connecting the M26 Plus via cell phone bluetooth

2. On the cell phone, access the settings, tap “ Bluetooth ” and activate the function by enabling the switch on the side. Below, on this same screen, tap “ Pair new device ”.

3. Wait to find the clock. In the result displayed below, tap “ Watch Call ”. A pop-up window will open, so check the box and then click “ Pair ”.

4. Then tap the gear icon to access calling features, media audio, and sharing contacts. Make sure they are all checked and click “ Ok ” to confirm.

To make calls on the M26 Plus, go to settings, click on the phone icon, tap the keyboard icon and enter the desired numbers.