How to Pair IWO W37 Smartwatch with phone using Wearfit Pro

Pair IWO W37 Smartwatch with phone

Find out in this tutorial how to connect IWO W37 series 7 smartwatch to a mobile phone. See the correct way to pair the IWO W37 with the phone’s Bluetooth.

The IWO w37 series 7 has a sporty look and comes with almost all the basic functions and features of its predecessors. Monitors sleep, heart rate, blood oxygen level meter, among others. It is IP67 certified (protection against dust and resistance to contact with liquids).

The connection between the devices is done through Bluetooth 3.0/5.0. The App to manage the smartwatch IWO W37 is Wearfit Pro. After installing the app and pairing it with the phone, the watch will start sending data of activities and monitoring.

How to pair IWO 37 smartwatch with a mobile phone?

  1. Below are instructions for connecting the IWO W37 7 series and a basic guide on how to use its functions.
  2. First, enable your mobile’s Bluetooth and Location.
  3. Then install the Wearfit Pro app on your phone. Select here the system used on your phone; Android or iOS.
  4. Open the app, add your personal information ( ageweightheight, and gender ).
  5. Accept the terms of the usage policy and give Wearfit Pro permission to access mobile features.
  6. On the watch, swipe the screen from left to right and tap the first icon to view the QR code. It will be used to make the connection.

QR code

6. Once this is done, go to the “ Equipment ” tab of the application. Above you will see an icon in the shape of a small square. Tap it to open the scanner.


7. Focus the mobile phone camera on the QR code displayed on the screen of the IWO W37 and follow the instructions to complete the pairing.

Using the watch’s basic features

  • Access watch menu: press the crown button. To change the menu style, quickly press the button repeatedly. Rotate the knob to navigate through menu options.
  • Lock/Unlock Screen: Press and hold the crown button for a few seconds. To enable or disable the function, swipe the screen from top to bottom and tap the lock icon.
  • Viewing date/time information, app QR code, and weather/weather: From the home screen, swipe left to right. You can also view the latest applications you used on the watch.
  • View notifications: From the home screen, swipe from the bottom to the top. Tap on the notification for more information. The icon referring to the social network or app of the received notification will be highlighted on the side.
  • Watch faces: lightly press the screen for a few seconds, swipe right/left, and tap on the desired display. You can download other watch faces through the Wearfit Pro app.
  • Watch animated faces: After applying an animated watch face, tap to cycle through themes.

Adding new functions to the quick access screen

To view information about the heart ratefitness data, go sliding the screen from right to left.

Adding new functions to the quick access screen

To add a new function, swipe once more to access the “ Add Components. Touch the “ + ” sign and select the desired new function. Remember, you can only have two additional windows.


  • Support Bluetooth 5.0.
  • Bluetooth calls, SMS, WeChat, WhatsApp, Facebook, and others.
  • Magnetic charging.
  • Body temperature monitoring.
  • Heart rate, blood pressure, and blood oxygen meter.
  • Aluminum alloy.
  • Dials via clock and app.

Key Features:

  • Exercise modalities
  • Calorie consumption
  • Mileage Record for the Year
  • Sedentary Reminder
  • Monitor and analyze sleep
  • Loss reminder (find phone)
  • Music Playback Control
  • Support Bluetooth calls
  • Alarm, Calendar, and Stopwatch

This smartwatch is one of the cheapest in the IWO line. You can find it in virtual stores (Shopee, Ali Express, and Amazon) for R$119.00 with free shipping.