WhatsApp Notifications On Xiaomi Mi Band 6

The Mi Band 6 is one of the most advanced fitness bands that Xiaomi has ever created. She it keeps track of a variety of things, including exercises, the number of steps you take, and sleep patterns. It is possible to turn on a variety of features using the Zepp Life app once the band has been paired with the mobile phone through Bluetooth. These options include notifications of new WhatsApp messages and notifications from other apps.

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In this walkthrough, we will explain each step in detail and keep it as simple as possible. Within a few minutes, you will begin to see alerts from your WhatsApp contacts appear right on the screen of your Mi Band 6 band. To setup this feature on your Xiaomi smart band, please follow all of the steps outlined below in the right order.

How to enable WhatsApp notifications on Mi Band 6?

Step 1: Launch the Zepp Life app on the mobile device you’re using. After that, to go to the next stage, tap the “Profile” tab that is located at the bottom of the screen.

Step 2: Tap “Mi Band 6,” which is an option that can be found in the “My devices” area, on the screen that follows.

Step 3: Tap the “Notifications & Reminders” option that is found on the screen for setting the band.

Step 4: Tap on the “App alerts” option on the notifications and reminders screen. Furthermore, you can choose to activate notifications for incoming calls, text messages, and completed goals.

Step 5: Slide the “App alert” switch to the “On” position in the “Application Alerts” tab.

Note: If the message “ Unable to access notifications ” appears, tap on the warning, and on the next screen, activate the Zepp Life application key, allow everything, and then goes back to the previous screen.

Step 6: In order for the Mi Band 6 to get alerts and notifications, the Zepp Life app must run in the background; therefore, select “Settings” and provide the required permissions.

Step 7: After you have granted the permissions, navigate back to the screen that displays application notifications. By using the slider that is available next to the option that reads “Only receive when the screen is off,” you can configure Band 6 so that it will only vibrate when the screen is off. After that is finished, select the “Manage apps” option by tapping on it.

Step 8: Search for “WhatsApp” on the application administration screen, then tap the tiny circle next to it to check and enable the messaging app’s notifications. You will need to go through the same steps again if you want to activate other apps, such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, on your device.

Activate WhatsApp Notifications On Xiaomi Mi Band 6

Done! Now all notifications received from WhatsApp on the cell phone will be sent to the screen of your Mi Band 6.


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