If you have a fitness app, you can sync it with your wearable technology so that you can see your progress more easily. In this article, we’ll show you how to link your Strava account with your Xiaomi Wear device to get the most out of your workouts.

Understanding Strava and Xiaomi Wear

Strava is a fun and easy way to track your workouts and compare your results with those of your friends. This app helps you keep track of your activities, like running and swimming, and see how you are doing. You can also share your results with others.

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The Xiaomi Wear watch is different from other watches because it has features that help you track your fitness and health. The Fitbit Flex has a built-in heart rate monitor, GPS, and a range of fitness-tracking sensors to help you track your progress and reach your fitness goals.

Link or Sync Strava to Xiaomi Wear

Benefits of Synchronizing Strava with Xiaomi Wear

By pairing your Strava account with your Xiaomi Wear, you can get lots of benefits, like being able to see your progress on your watch and get tips and advice from other Strava users.

  1. With Strava and Xiaomi Wear connected, you can track your workouts and see how your progress is going without having to switch between devices.
  2. The heart rate monitor on your Xiaomi Wear will track your heart rate and sync it with Strava so you can see how hard you’re working.
  3. By combining data from your Xiaomi Wear and Strava accounts, you can get a more accurate picture of your performance and see where you need to work on your skills.
  4. With Strava and Xiaomi Wear working together, you can easily keep track of your fitness goals. This way, you can see how far you’ve come and how close you are to reach your goals.

Steps to Synchronize Strava with Xiaomi Wear

Before starting, it is necessary that the Xiaomi Wear app is previously configured on the phone and also paired with a device via Bluetooth.

1. Install the Strava App on your device. Access the Play Store for Android or the App Store for iOS. Then click “Open” to start linking the application.

2. Tap “Sign In” to connect to your Strava account or create one by selecting a way to sign in.

Sign In

3. Now open the “Xiaomi Wear” App and go to the profile screen. On this screen, tap on the “+” sign located above and select the “Settings” option.

4. On the settings screen, tap the “Connect Apps” option and select “Strava” on the next screen.

5. On the screen to connect to Strava, click “Connect”, and log in to Strava if prompted. Finally, tap on “Authorize”.


Having done all the above steps, Strava is now properly synchronized with Xiaomi Wear and ready to collect exercise data, goals, etc.


Strava can help you track your progress while you’re working out on your Xiaomi Wear. Syncing your data will help you see your progress more clearly. Synchronizing your Strava account with your Xiaomi Wear device can help you stay active and healthy.


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